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Influence of Mass Media on Process of Globalization

ABSTRACT: Mass media has greater impact on everyone as it interconnects everything and everyone round the world, in one large network of information flow and communication. CONTENT In the 80’s, the introduction of mass media took the world by storm. TV, Newspapers and Radio spread the word far and wide within matter of minutes, keeping… Read More »

7 Benefits of Using Health and Fitness Apps

Everybody agrees to the fact that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is quite challenging these days. Either you are studying, working, or doing both at the same time; you are unable to take time out for your physical fitness in such hustle and bustle. However if you still manage to work out, you don’t stay motivated… Read More »

How To Make Your Research Paper Stand Out With APSA Citation

The citation is a proper way for authors to tell the readers that specific material in their work is originated from another author’s work. People also count citations to a paper as a sign of how vital or powerful that paper has been. Citation plays a very important role to avoid plagiarism and copyright infringement because it… Read More »