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A College Student’s Take on Teaching Styles

The Different Teaching Styles Lecture is a common teaching style in today’s educational landscape. It is especially popular amongst college professors. Lecture brings some great things to its students, and to the teacher. In lecture, the professor presents a PowerPoint (or presentation of some kind). This tends to be an easy thing to do, as… Read More »

Is Mathematics Fun Or Phobia?

What is Phobia? Phobia refers to an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. Different people have different phobia and they take special precautions or try to avoid them. Few people suffer from claustrophobia, which is fear of closed spaces; few suffer from insects, few from water and so on. There are few… Read More »

Ways to Discipline Unruly Students. Class Control Tips for Teachers

How to manage a classroom effectively Either you’re in a classroom or in your bedroom, discipline is necessary for both places. A person without manners and etiquettes is no less than a savage wild animal. When it comes to students, discipline should be their way of life because being active members of schools and future… Read More »