Tips for choosing best institute for hotel management in Pune

The tremendous growth in hospitality and tourism industry is the result of globalization. India being a popular tourist destination, government is now investing in the development of tourism sector in the country. Hotel sector is an important part of the hospitality industry with huge growth potential. Liberalization of this sector has opened up several career… Read More »

Digital Signage For Schools – The Benefits To Staff

When we think of technology in schools, or #edutech, we often think about the platforms and software directly used by or aiding pupils. The classic example is the interactive whiteboard. Digital signage for schools, however, is a technology that benefits staff as much as students. Digital teaching assistant The best teaching appreciates that many pupils… Read More »

Is Mathematics Fun Or Phobia?

What is Phobia? Phobia refers to an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. Different people have different phobia and they take special precautions or try to avoid them. Few people suffer from claustrophobia, which is fear of closed spaces; few suffer from insects, few from water and so on. There are few… Read More »

6 Ways How Movies Can Help Students Learn Better

No information is negative information or useless. In some way or the other it helps us gain knowledge or a lesson that can be applied in life. And the world is filled with information. Everybody or everything has something to our levels of knowledge. People’s lives and experience are a source of information. They have… Read More »

How to Prepare Better for TOEFL Exam

You have made the right decision to prepare for TOEFL, the most widely accepted English language test in the world. You will be amazed to know that more than 8, 500 colleges in around 130 countries accept TOEFL scores. So, whether you are preparing for higher studies abroad or are applying for migration to other… Read More »