10 Things You Should Avoid in Your Resume or CV

By | February 6, 2017

Usually with every job application you are required to submit your resume and application letter. These are important to tell the recruiter or employer more about you. This will give a clear idea about your qualifications and experience. It is important to let your resume reflect all your achievements.

The goal of a good resume is to get you that interview. Once you are in the interview room, your personality will be able to shine better. Before you get there however, you should let your resume help you get in the door. There are some things people put on their resumes that are either of no use or outdated. Be sure to keep up with these trends and avoid adding these on your resume.

  1. A lot of information

We have moved away from the ten page resume a long time ago. Some people find it challenging to add all their achievements into one page. It is important to remember that the recruiter or employer are busy people and will most likely not read your entire resume. Give them only what is necessary and reflects you the best.

  1. Overly professional voice

You do not want your resume to be written in a very casual manner, but you also don’t want it to be over the top technical. These are normal people and you should write it as such. Be professional but don’t go overboard. Just be yourself and write how you would normally talk in a professional meeting.

  1. Incorrect contact information

No one is going to try and hunt you down if you added incorrect contact information to your resume. Be sure to double check that your information is correct and even ask an outsider to check it as well. Obviously you could be missing out on great opportunities if you make this mistake.

  1. Grammar and spelling errors

This rule may be getting old but people still don’t proofread their resumes. It is unacceptable to send in a resume with these kind of errors. There are too many tools to help you correct these mistakes. Doing a preposition check is easy to correct grammar prepositions. You should focus on all common grammar errors and run your resume through an efficient program that picks up as many mistakes as possible. This will save you a lot of time.

  1. Unrelated work experience

You do not have a lot of space to work with so I suggest you leave out any unrelated work experiences. The summer job you had in school might not apply when you are hoping to get that managerial post.

  1. Too much personal information

The name of the personal you’re married to, your religious beliefs and how many kids you have is really not necessary on a resume anymore. Your personal life should not be up for discussion because you will not let it interfere with the job you do. You are merely communicating work related information through your resume. In fact it has become illegal for your employer to ask this information from you. There is no need to disclose any of it.

  1. Hobbies

If you get asked in the interview about your hobbies, it is okay to mention it. Do not put any hobbies on your resume. I doubt your future boss is interested in your stamp collection or your love for bingo. This has nothing to do with the job you applied for and if it does, then that is another story. You will be wasting your own time as well as that of the employer.

  1. Break from employment

If at some stage you took a gap year while working, do not mention that in your resume. Perhaps the employer will pick up a break in service and discuss the motives behind it in your interview. It may send the wrong message even if you did it for valid reasons. Rather just leave it completely off your resume.

  1. Art work

Don’t think that fancy colored paper and glitter will grab the attention of the employer. In fact it might annoy them more than anything else. This is not kindergarten and it is important to stick to professional fonts and plain white paper with black ink. You are not going to score points for the prettiest resume.

  1. Objectives

I am sure you believe you can be the next Martha Stewart or maybe even Bill Gates. Please do not state any of these unrealistic goals on your resume. If you have an arrogant, overly confident objective statement, the rest of your resume might not get read.

Be sure to take your time when working on your resume. Another great point to remember is to never send a generic resume to every company you are applying at. Direct your resume at the specific job and the job requirements. You have worked hard to get to where you are. Now believe in yourself and your dream job will be yours soon.

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