15 Ways to Boost Your Business with Social Media

By | April 21, 2017

Social media marketing has become the priority of every business owner to give some leverage to his business. With over a billion users worldwide, social media has become a second world where marketers are using different tactics to advertise their brand. A unique thing about social media marketing is that you don’t have to be professional for that. With a little knowledge of social media and its algorithms, you can run your business page on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. To help you out, in the next lines I am going to tell you 15 ways through which you can boost your business with social media marketing.

Boost your business with Social Media

  1. Use the right platforms:

There are two types of marketing. Business to business (B2B) and business to consumers (B2C). Each social media platform has his own market classification, and it is important for you to determine which market sector you want to target.

For example, if your business is B2C, then Facebook is the best platform for you to market your business. The Facebook has the audience from every sector, and it is suitable for the businesses to target any class of market on the Facebook. On the other hand, Twitter or LinkedIn has much more advanced audience than Facebook, and you could find people from the corporate world on these platforms which makes it a better place to market your business if it is B2B.
The first thing that you should make sure before starting your social media marketing is the target market of your business. Then you could go on to the next steps.

  1. Curate Content:

Because you are not a professional content writer that is why you could find some difficulties in creating the relevant content. The best possible way to save yourself from this issue is to start curating content. Start searching for the relevant articles, images, gifs, news, videos, memes, infographics and other content sources and tweak it a little bit and start sharing with your audience.

  1. Adapt the Strategies:

The best way to learn the marketing strategies is analyzing your opponent. You are not alone in the market and certainly not the only one who do your kind of business. Start spending a lot of time analyzing the social media pages of your competitor and find out how they are capturing the minds of their audience. Learn from them, adapt their strategy and comes up with your own.

  1. Keep your team Aligned:

If you want to get success in whatever you do, it is important that your team should be on the same page as you are. You have to keep your team aligned and set collective goals so everyone can participate in this. Identify the importance things to do for your team and eliminate all those things which are making them ineffective.

  1. 80-20 Rule:

It is important that your marketing should not look like spamming. You have to follow a rule of marketing called 80-20 rule. According to it, your marketing activities should be based on 80% organic and value oriented and 20% promotional.

  1. Push Personal Engagement:

Social media gives every person equal power so never underestimate your client even at individual capacity. You have to make sure the satisfaction of your each and every customer. It doesn’t matter how good your social media marketing is going on; one bad review can damage you badly. Moreover, Customers love it when the brand directly speak to them. Pushing personal engagement strategy can do wonders for your social media marketing.

  1. Be Original:

Your target market could be someone else’s target market too. This is why it is important to make sure all your content and marketing strategies are original. Posting the copied content or using someone else strategy can hurt your business. Because it is easier to give your views on everything on the social media, the audience will not spare you and can even humiliate you if you do not put the original content.

  1. Stick to the Events:

Fans love to see the postings around the events. Make the special messages based on the events of every month or keep a space for the viral postings on your page. Make sure you cash in the trends because these are the best way to maximize your reach.

  1. Take Leverages from Social Media:

Social media channels are the great platform to get traffic for your website. You can take the leverage of getting reach from your postings just by adding your landing page URL in the description of the post. This will not only help you in getting heavy traffic, and potential leads to your website but it is also good for your website SEO if you are getting traffic on your website at daily basis.

  1. Keep Experimenting:

The more you experiment the more you would learn. Never afraid of using all the options that social media channels provide you. These options are there to help you and you should utilize them in your marketing strategy. Also, keep a keen eye on the results of your experiments so you can judge which experiment worked out for you and which failed.

  1. Use Paid Postings:

Without doing paid marketing, you cannot survive in social media marketing. The Facebook which is the biggest platform for paid marketing. However, if you do not do paid marketing on it, it will only show your post to less than 2% of your page audience. Paid marketing is not expensive on Facebook, and you can run your ad on Facebook in just 10$ too.

  1. Use URLs to track ROI:

The only way you can judge the performance of your social media campaigns is to judge the ROI. The best way to judge the ROI of the campaigns are is to use the tractable URLs. Create UTMs and use it in your post content so you can track it easily and can determine which campaign has worked out better for you.

  1. Create Groups:

You already own your business page. Once it starts getting engagement, then this is the time to create your group too. A group gives you leverage to communicate with your audience better than you could on the page. It will build the trust between you and your customer, and you can easily solve all the queries of your customers too.

  1. Use Influencers:

Social media has his own stars, and you can use them as your social media brand ambassador. You can ask them to publish your content on their page or use your business name in their postings too that will help you to reach the influencer audience too.

  1. Recycle the Content:

After every few months, it is good to re-post all your content which performed well. It will help the people to recall the things and to have some memories with you.

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In his 10+ years of servicing brands in marketing, Amelia Cameron has become the biggest names in the world of social media marketing. After her graduation from Stanford University, She started his career as a writer in coursework assistance providing company and later on as the marketer of some of the biggest brands.

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