5 Easy Steps : How to Apply for MBA in Switzerland?

By | April 30, 2018

Being the European business hub, Switzerland holds a significant place in academics overall. The MBA in Switzerland from reputed Swiss university or business school adds a new glamour to student’s resume globally. The main motto of the reputed business schools here is to connect the students with the business network that is of global repute, to make the students believe in innovations and dream about being successful entrepreneurs someday. The top business schools in Switzerland help shaping the future mindset of the young talents to rearrange the business landscape of the entire Europe.

Step by Step guidance to apply for MBA in Switzerland

1. Preparation to apply

You need to start the process well in advance before the scheduled date of admission. You must go through the review and rating of different colleges and those of the experiences shared by the international students and make a list. It is always suggested to keep more than one choice in your list and apply to avoid the risk of getting rejected and losing the chance for that particular academic year. Before making the list also consider the basic cost of your desired colleges and match them with your financial affordability. Keep it in mind that you need to provide valid proof for your financial assistance during your stay and study.

2. Application procedure

The official website notices are of most importance. You need to keep track of this and download the application form. With the payment of fees and uploading essential required documents in the official website along with photographs makes your application complete.

3. Necessary document for the completion of the application

  • The application form issued and authorized by college authority
  • Valid Passport
  • Photographs
  • Official mark sheets and results passed so far from the schools you attended.
  • Language certificate, if that is not available to you check with the official website of the universities. Few offer their own standardized tests to judge the level of your sufficiency to keep going in that particular course.
  • Your resume, it must be very specific and informative to create an impression.
  • Personal letter or essay stating the reason or reasons for choosing MBA in that particular institute.
  • Evidence after completing the payment procedure.

4. The academic semester

The MBA programs in top business schools in Switzerland or Swiss universities are mainly divided into two semesters officially. One is the fall semester and the other is the spring semester. If you want to see yourself to study in Europe and one corner of the top most Swiss business schools in the spring semester to begin with the studies the next semester. You are advised to take thorough preparation for this keeping yourself ahead of time. At first it seems taxing, but the joy of achieving something in life would eventually abolish all the tiredness and other negative feelings associated with that.
Fall semester usually begin in the first week of December and continue up to 30th of April. If your wish is to be there in the following academic year, it is always advisable that you start searching and applying in the spring semester and vice versa.

5. Applying for students visa and other essential details

Apply for student visa after going through all the details via Swiss consulate or visa office. It might take up to one month so apply quickly to avoid last moment confusion. Make arrangements for health insurance policies as it is a basic requirement.

Good luck!!!

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