6 Reasons Why Internships are Important For Your Future

By | June 21, 2018

why internships are important for employers
If you think graduating is all you need to land that job you’re qualified for, you’re in for a real harsh awakening. Getting a degree is fine and all, but in the era we thrive in as of this writing, it simply isn’t enough anymore.

Various employers and organizations are looking for workers who can deliver actual effective results and internships give us the competitive edge we need. We suggest that you start looking for the ten great internships for high school students. That’s right! Even before you head out to college.

This article will cover nothing but the significance of internships for college students upon their graduation.

1. It Gives You Actual Experience and Exposure

The first and perhaps most defining element that will enable you to stand out in the eyes of your potential employer is experience. Working as an intern will help you gather the knowledge, skill and practical experience that top organizations are looking for.

Gathering info and data from schools is one thing, but it won’t mean anything if what you learn cannot produce relevant results. Internships teach students about various industries and companies that befit their skills and interests.

What’s more is that students can learn new skills that could further elevate their employment chances such as productive communication, time-management and disciplinary skills.

Being introduced to and working with professionals can put students in good talks and recommendations with other companies. As such, your visibility and brand will be increased thanks to the connections and relationships you established with the company you interning under. In short, internships give you the exposure you need for the constantly-changing work environment.

2. Financial Considerations

Some students feel the need to opt for a paying part-time or full-time job to go with their internship due to the fact that few internships offer any monetary compensation.

But whether it is paid or not, it is crucial for students to consider the positive benefits that they can acquire from their internships and whether it fulfills the requirements of an eventual full-time position.

However, there are paid internship platforms such as Internshala and LetsIntern for those who want to reduce the burden of their college expenses.

3. You Can Learn a Lot About Yourself

Since internships are an introductory phase of what we can find ahead of us when looking for a job, it grants us the opportunity to be shaped both professionally and personally.

You will be able to get a clearer understanding of your goals and plan out ways to achieve them in the best manner possible. It could be tough to get to this point, but at times, one has to get out of their comfort zone to realize their true potential.
If, for instance, a student majoring in Communications and Media Sciences decides to vie for an internship that is in line with their field of study, only to find that it is not what they had expected, they could either continue where they are or follow a different career path. This is how you get a better realization about what your heart wants and what you’re capable of.

4. Better Prepared for a Full-Time Post

There is a wave of nervousness that envelops students immediately after they graduate and are being scouted by a number of potential employers. These graduates have no prior work exposure or experience to know exactly what awaits them. As such, this makes them more vulnerable when it comes to layoffs because not every boss tolerates mistakes, even if they’re from newbies.

From an overall perspective, this puts great pressure and stress on fresh employees, which can also affect the quality of their work in the long-run if not immediately addressed and resolved. This is exactly why internships can help students be more emotionally prepared and confident when dealing with their superiors and collaborating with their peers.

Furthermore, employers are always looking for something that can bring value to their company and an internship allows graduates to showcase their skills and talents that are in line with a company’s work requirements.

5. Likely College Credit

If not money, some colleges reward students with credits in return for doing an internship. Of course, this all depends on what each university’s policy indicates. Students are rewarded between one to six credits for an internship. Knowing that there’s an incentive to this, the students become more motivated and work harder to deliver quality performances and results at their internships.

6. Grades Don’t Translate Work Ethic

You can have the most number of grades in the world but it doesn’t really guarantee instant job recruitment. To reiterate, many organizations are looking for employees who can deliver effective results and gathering knowledge from schools won’t mean a thing if students can’t put what they’ve learned into practice and deliver effective results.

All in all, it is absolutely crucial for students to opt for internships if they wish to boost their onboarding opportunities.

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