7 Benefits of Using Health and Fitness Apps

By | April 24, 2017

Everybody agrees to the fact that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is quite challenging these days. Either you are studying, working, or doing both at the same time; you are unable to take time out for your physical fitness in such hustle and bustle. However if you still manage to work out, you don’t stay motivated for a long time. Now, not anymore. All thanks to the health and fitness apps.

Benefits of Using Health and Fitness Apps

Your mobile device has become your all-in-all tracker that monitors your diet and exercise. Also, you are encouraged to do more. Here, in this article, we have come up with a couple of fitness apps’ benefits that bring a big difference in your lives. They are discussed below:

  1. Track your Progress

It is the most primary reason that fitness apps are conquering people around the world. It motivates you to do better and more than yesterday, so that you may reach your fitness goals more effectively. The apps enable you to measure everything from calories burned, heartbeat, weight lifted, and even the size of your bicep.
There won’t be any other motivation than knowing that you’re making progress. And with fitness apps, tracking your progress becomes easier, simpler, and more fun.

  1. Get Free Workout Ideas

Since you aren’t working with a personal trainer in the gym, planning a workout routine is still not a hassle. Luckily, some great apps like Nike Training Club and Vitogo on your smart phone can help. They offer a ton of ideas depending on your fitness level and workout intensity. Forget about spending all the money on fitness books and DVDs. These apps are persistently helping you plan a perfect workout routine and get in shape within no time.

  1. Boost Your Motivation

One way or another motivation is essential. It helps you keep going and this is where your get results. Many well-known apps with motivation boosters are virtual challenges to communities. These apps provide you companionship and much more to stay motivated along the way to a fit body.

Connecting with the people sharing same fitness goals can be a great source of motivation too. Fitness apps give you the opportunity to team up, complete challenges, and stay motivated together.

  1. Carry a Personalized Yoga Studio of Your Own

Yoga is a world’s most popular exercise that develops strength and flexibility. Not only that it provides physical benefits but mental benefits too. If the pricey expenses of classes restrict you, get Pocket Yoga. It is a great app to help you learn a dynamite yoga routine. Using this great app makes you work out without any commitment of regular classes; that too at free of cost. Carry the yoga studio in your pocket.

  1. Monitor your Daily Diet

While you are working so hard, a healthy lifestyle is incomplete without a proper diet plan. Your smart phone comes handy here, too. You can keep a record of your everyday food intake whether burning calories or planning for high proteins to lose weight. Fitness apps track your diet and help you stay consistent on the path towards your fitness goal.

  1. Reach Efficiency and Save Time

Fitness apps works as a little gym for you. You can save time yet remain efficient in your workout routine. These apps gives you freedom on when and how you want to work on your health. You can simply do a 15-minute morning workout in your PJ’s before going out to work. Plus, if you choose a right app, its instructions about the techniques through images and animations helps you save time from inefficient exercises.

  1. Pedometer counts your daily steps

Most of us have heard it many times to walk around 10,000 steps per day for a healthy lifestyle. The figure has been standardized in a lot of health and fitness apps that are downloaded as well as sold in the millions.

You cannot track the number of steps you take in a day. The apps with such an efficient feature of pedometer track your foot-steps, analyze progresses, and much more—all in a real time.


These are just a few things that fitness apps can do. Whenever or wherever you want to exercise, you can log in to your fitness app, get the necessary information, and start moving. With an efficient progress tracking, virtual challenges, video animation of exercises; you can make it more fun.

Author bio:

Jack is a Brazilian, who has been living in London since 2008, where he studies communication education. Since he is also involved in many social activities, he needs to acquire dissertation help sometimes. However, an interest in the health and fitness always keeps him engaged in exploring more about the subject. Here, he has impressed everyone with how technology empowers us towards the fitness management in such a busy life.

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