7 Tips To Create A Superb LinkedIn Profile

By | November 6, 2017

The International Labour Organization reports an expected rise in global unemployment rate from 5.7 to 5.8 per cent in 2017 representing an increase of 3.4 million in the number of unemployed people!

These days, it takes more than a resume to stand out in a competitive job market. 94% of recruiters say they check out the LinkedIn profile of a person before hiring them.

If you are someone who’s searching for an employment opportunity or simply a change of job, a LinkedIn profile plays an important role to help you make that transition. And, in today’s times, if you don’t have LinkedIn profile, your job opportunities are significantly limited.

Here, we have compiled a list of 7 effective tips to game up your LinkedIn profile. From writing stunning summary to re-organizing your endorsements, these are some of the best ways to ensure your profile attracts more recruiters.

1. The Relevance Of A Profile Picture

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. Your profile picture should therefore demonstrate professionalism.
Many employers avoid looking at profiles that lack a professional photo. The importance of a profile picture on LinkedIn cannot be argued. You should select a photo while keeping in the mind the audience you are targeting.

So what makes a good professional photo on LinkedIn?

  • 1. Your photo should portray exactly how you look.
  • 2. A major part of the photo must should portray your facial features as well some areas of your shoulders. Your neck and a little of your shoulders must be seen.
  • 3. Your dress code should be formal. This gives a professional impression about your profile, thereby increasing your chances of being recruited.
  • 4. Ensure you are the only one in the photo.

2. Write An Excellent Summary

Your Summary must contain compelling text, along with keywords relevant to your goal.

For example:

“As a Financial Manager, I’ve ensured effective operation of direct investment activities, developed strategies for long-term financial goals, took decisions on the amount to be shared as dividends to shareholders out of the company’s profits. I have been actively involved in successful ventures in the oil and gas industry… with increase in profit margins. I enjoy the challenging situations, and perfect teamwork.”

This is a good example of what a Financial Manager’s summary should look like. The example shows their ability to ensure successful outcomes in diverse tasks.
Ensure your summary content uses effective keywords so as to enhance your profile. The summary is one of the first few sections that the reader comes across, hence if your initial statement isn’t impressive, the reader may ignore the rest of the profile’s information.

3. Open Candidates

Open Candidates is one of the linkedin’s latest feature made for people especially when you are currently working at a job, but are looking for other options elsewhere. This enables you to hunt for other opportunities privately without risking your current job.

You can specify the kind of companies you are interested in and roles you would like to take up. This can be easily found by the recruiters to find you.

4. Reorganize Your First 12 Endorsements

Why is this relevant?

The number and quality of endorsements you have acquired are a major determinant of your skill ranking on LinkedIn.The most recent individuals who have endorsed your skills are usually displayed in the first 12 endorsements.

Choose the right order of endorsements when you are arranging your profile to highlight your important skills. Endorsements from important people like your colleague or your boss would certainly add value to your profile.

5. Personalize Your Linkedin Profile Url

You can promote your LinkedIn profile in the signature of your email address, website, and blog. But make sure you personalize your LinkedIn URL before you share it anywhere.

A custom URL not only makes it professional, but also induces a sense of familiarity. It makes it easier to remember your profile. Also, try to include your industry and job function in your URL.

6. Craft A Catchy Headline

Your LinkedIn headline is crucial as it is one of the first few things that are visible in your profile. Apt keywords in your headline draw in more viewers to your profile.

A headline refers to the first 1-4 lines in a LinkedIn Profile that are visible beneath your name.

So what should a good headline consist of?

  • Ensure you provide a concise explanation of how valuable you can be to the organization, rather than focusing only on your job description.
  • Avoid adding your contact details in your headline.
  • Avoid using the word “I” too much in your headline.

For example, a good catchy headline for someone in sales and marketing domain looks like this –

‘Increasing your sales by combining integrated media solutions with high precision targeting.’

7. Personalize Your Connection Request.

If you are linking with individuals that you don’t properly know, you may utilize this situation to help them recall how you met.

For example, you might want to link with a professional you met at a cocktail party or a networking event. You can remind them of how you two know each other by sending them a personalized connection request. It’ll help increase your chances of getting connected.
And if it’s a LinkedIn user that you have never met, you can send them a personalized connection request stating why you want to connect with them.

For example,
If it’s an employer you want to connect with, you can mention where you saw his/her profile and what value you can add to the their organization. Ensure you highlight your previous achievements and the career options you’re searching for.

Following the aforementioned tips will help you connect with potential employers, and make your profile more attractive. It’ll also increase your chances of gaining employment.

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  1. anastasia_87

    Wow! Great tips! I had problems with summary writing because I didn’t manage to mention all necessary information in several sentences. I started looking for useful tips that would help me to deal with piece of writing. I found them here https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/linkedinprofile-tips-past-vs-future_us_59e23de5e4b003f928d5e722. There are also some tips that you didn’t mention. So, maybe it will help some users that want to make their LinkedIn profile veryyyy successful and effective! Good luck 🙂 social media can help to succeed in different fields, so, it’s important to take it serious.


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