7 Ways to Impress your Teacher in a Classroom

By | June 7, 2017

how student can impress a teacher
Undoubtedly, teachers play a vital role in students’ life. They are a role model for everyone. Besides it, they are also human beings who have good and bad days too. If someday, they notice that no one is listening or caring about the topic to be taught, it turns out to be one of the tough days. Always remember that a happy teacher is a nicer teacher.

Following are a few tips that may work for everyone who wants to impress their teacher. Implementing them today can have an impact.

1. Pay Attention to Details

When a teacher asks too bring specific notes and books to class, do so. You must turn in assignments on time, be prepared for tests, take a few minutes to study in the evening. Doing so will show that you care and pay attention towards his direction.

2. Do your Homework

Do a homework assignment completely and neatly as the teacher says. No matter if there are errors, you still stand out of the crowd because you did your best. Also, if you find that the assignment requires an extra research, go for it. The more effort you put into it, the more you will get out of it. And the teacher would consider your diligence as well.

3. Be Attentive to the Lessons

Most teachers appreciate input and feedback, so you must value it. While he delivers a lecture, you must get involved in the topic no matter if it is boring. When a question pops up in your head, don’t hesitate raising your hand asking it. The interest you show in the subject always become a source of motivation for teachers.

4. Answer Questions

When you are attentive in class, doing homework at time, and studying properly, you will definitely be prepared to answer teacher’s questions with interesting points and pertinently. Also, if the teacher finds your answer right, he may add it to the class discussion.

5. Show Consideration

“A little human kindness goes a long way.” If you see that the teacher has forgotten or dropped something, you must help him get that item back again. He would remember your generous act for a long time – even when giving grades and writing you a recommendation for a college, job, or club.

6. Be Helpful in Classroom

You must volunteer activities other than curriculum. Such activities might include rearrangement of desks, beakers to be washed, cubbies to be organized, or even trash to be taken out. When teacher will notice, he will appreciate your extra efforts in the same way your parents and friends do.

7. Be Thankful and Give an Engraved Item

When you experience a memorable year with your teacher, consider thanking and a have brief plaque engraved for him. You can order a plaque from different companies with an appreciative message on it. He will likely save the plaque for rest of his life as it shows appreciation.

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