8 Common Blunders Job Seekers Commit in a Job Interviewer

By | November 15, 2018

Common Blunders Job Seekers
A job interview is your chance to impress the employer and convince him that you deserve a job. You wouldn’t want to spoil things after reaching so far. So if you want to make sure that the job lands in your plate, here are some of the tips you must act on:

1. Not Arriving On Time

Obviously, no employer wants a person who doesn’t value time. Nonetheless, there are situations that cause you to show up late for an interview. There are times when shit happens. Your alarm clock can go out of order. Your car can break down. You can wake up late. But unlike students who hire assignment writing services to save themselves when they delay a project, a job seeker has no option to undo the damage.

The least you can in these situations is make a call to the company and inform them about the cause of the delay. They will thank you for your gesture and certainly reschedule your interview for a later time.

2. Failing to Know About the Company

You get interviewed because the employer intends to make you a part of his company. So obviously he will expect from you to get some knowledge about his company. Failure to do will insinuate that you are not serious about your job and no employer wants to work with a non-serious worker.

Therefore, when you get an interview call, the first thing you should do is learn about the history of the business of the company as well as their business culture.

3. Dressing Inappropriately

The wardrobe is an important part of your job. In fact, it is one of the yardsticks that employer use to evaluate a candidate. Therefore, you should be particular about the dress you are going to wear for the job interview. To be on the safe side, the men can wear a suit with a matching pair of shoes, while women can put on a skirt suit with a pump or stiletto. Avoid wearing clunky accessories, jewelry or ornaments as they can distract the interviewer.

4. Badmouthing Ex-Employers

No employer likes candidates who find excuses to bash their ex-employers or make it an excuse to duck a difficult question. Remember that employers don’t like candidates who say nasty things about their previous employers. Instead, they love candidates who respect their previous employers even if that means admitting a mistake. Your employer will love you for your honesty.

5. Talking Less

A job interview is your opportunity to pitch yourself as a potential candidate for a job. So it is entirely your show and you should be the one who will be speaking more. However, you need to focus more on how you are going to serve the company and how your skills will be valuable to the company.

Be considerate of the time of employer and don’t beat about the bush. Keep the conversation relevant and to the point without taking long pauses.

6. Lying About Your Academic or Professional History

No employer wants to work with an employee who lies about his academic and professional background. Lying about these credentials shows you in a bad light and the employer fails to trust you as an honest person which is the most important trait of being an employee.

7. Being Inattentive

When you are in an interview, you have to be attentive and respond questions to your interviewer. You have to maintain the eye contact and stay engaged with the interviewer until the interview ends. Lacking attention during the interview is the quickest way you can offend an interviewer.

8. Not Following Up

A job interview is not the end of your job application and you have to follow up with the employer to stay updated about the status of your job application. A thank you note will be appreciated by the employer. Besides, you have to stay in touch with the employer and keep getting updates about the status of your job application.
These are some of the biggest blunders a job seeker should avoid during an interviewer. Make sure that you avoid them during your job interview process.

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