8 Effective Essay Writing Strategies You Need To Know

By | March 6, 2017

Are you naturally good at writing essays or do you find yourself struggling a bit? We all have moments of doubts when submitting a really important essay. As long as you improve from your previous essay, I say, don’t sweat it. Coming up with something good and informative can be daunting but with a few strategies, you can get it right every time.

  1. Build a stronger vocabulary

Words combined into sentence is really what essay writing is about. By adding new words to your vocabulary, allows you to express a lot more. You do not want to bore the readers and rambling on for two paragraphs about something you could have written in two sentences is going to cost you. There are so many words to learn and even with spending extra time learning some, there always seems to be more.

  1. Quote others

When you receive your essay topic, there is usually a ton of research that goes into it. The reader would definitely like to know what your own opinion and view is but you can build on that. Quote your sources and include writing from other people’s opinions. This will help your essay come forth as more credible.

  1. Your writing tone

With an arsenal of new words you are just waiting to try, make sure you do not make the essay too complicated. Always keep at the back of your mind that you are writing for real people. There should be an easy flow to your essay and not confuse the reader more. Using a host of big or uncommon words can make the attention of the reader wonder. Your essay should be grabbing their attention from word to word. Write as though you are explaining the topic to your best friend.

  1. Practice good language skills

You need to master the language you are writing in to communicate effectively and clearly. This means practising your spelling and grammar skills. If you are struggling with pronouns in English grammar, find a pronoun checker online. The idea is always to figure it out for yourself but there is help out there to ensure you get the best score.

  1. Write your thesis

This is the argument you are basing your entire essay on so make sure you researched all possible outcomes. Your argument should be confident and you should be able to prove why you say what you say. The thesis is really just a longer headline. You have to describe what your essay will be based on without going into great detail. It cannot be seen as a summary because that will require much more information. You need to share what your content is about and also give your view.

  1. Plan ahead

Don’t just start writing random words down as a first draft. Before you get to write your essay, gather your notes and create an outline of what is going where. Decide what you will begin with and what your conclusion will be. You don’t have to write any of this in details just yet but at least you will have a guide you can follow.

  1. Start early and finish early

Don’t let the due date fool you into thinking you have a lot of time. From the minute you are able to start, let that be your beginning. Set an early due date for yourself. Often times things come up or life gets complicated and we don’t know how we are going to finish in time. Avoid this by allowing yourself to finish your essay early. There is no excuse to miss the due date and you will probably not receive much mercy from your teacher. Also the effective way is to ask for help on DoMYPapers, they offers essay writing service for busy students.

  1. Submit and let it go

Once you are happy with your essay and you’ve done all the proofreading you can do, submit the piece. Now you just have to sit back and relax. Don’t do a post-mortem on it and definitely don’t go researching for new facts. This will just make you doubt yourself and wish you added one more fact. You’ve done the best you can and now it’s time to let go.

Writing an essay should be an exciting experience. Think about all the knowledge you’ll gain through the process. Do the best you can and cover all corners. It’s in you to write a brilliant essay and achieve high scores. This is a challenge. Are you ready to take it on?

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