8 Simple But Effective Ways to Make Your Personal Statement Stand Out

By | January 24, 2017

Writing your personal statement can either be daunting or exciting. It just depends how you chose to look at it. Your attitude towards writing your personal statement will determine the outcome. The admission tutor who has to review your application is probably a very busy person. Your job is to keep their eyes on your personal statement, right through to the end.
Here are some simple and effective ways to write a great personal statement.

  1. Tell a story

You want to take the reader on a story where they cannot wait to see how it ends. Have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Before you start writing, think about how the story will flow. You don’t want to bore the committee with facts like, where you were born. Be careful to select only the interesting facts.

  1. Nail your opening sentence

Your opening sentence should be strong and grab the attention of the committee. Make it clear to the reader why you are applying for this course. Try and stay away from clichés here because believe me, they have read it all.

  1. Show your personality

Don’t be afraid to write in your own voice. The reader needs to experience your personality so make it shine. You will have more luck being yourself than trying to be overly professional. We are all people and you want admission tutor to relate to you.

  1. Show interest

Instead of going on and on about how great you are, also show the tutor that you are really excited to start the course you are applying for. Show that you have spent a lot of time researching the subject you want to study. The bulk of your personal statement should revolve around your chosen course.

  1. Well written content

Although you should spend a lot of time on facts when doing your personal statement, also spend enough time checking language errors. You can start with your spelling check as well as a good grammar checker. There are excellent ones online. Go as far as doing a preposition correction online. Preposition correction is often something we miss when we are editing our written work. It is important to cover every aspect of your statement.

  1. Research the school

You obviously have a university or college in mind when applying. Set some time aside to research the institution you want to get in to. Share a bit of this in your personal statement. The committee needs to see that you have really explored your options and this is the place you want to be. You will indirectly tell the committee that you know what you want and you go after it.

  1. Outside the classroom

Your scores will speak about your academic achievements. What do you do other than school? Highlight some out of class activities that interest you. Show that you are a balanced individual and not just good in class. This is a very important part of your personal statement. Whatever you feel is interesting enough worth mentioning outside of your academic results, will be good.

  1. Your future plan

This course you are interested in is part of a bigger plan. Highlight to the admission tutor why you chose this course specifically. What are your future career plans and show how it in in line with the chosen course. Show that you have researched every part of your future plan and this course will help you get there.

The process of writing your personal statement should be one of self-discovery. When you start writing down all your achievement, you might see yourself in a more positive light. This is a win either way so just go for it.

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