9 Tips to Save Money on Your Residency Interviews

By | November 14, 2016

Every year tons of money is spent applying for residency. These interviews can cost you a pretty penny if you are not wise and careful. Understanding the importance of saving if you are accepted is important. Many medical residency programs do not come cheap and it is vital to save while doing your residency interview preparation. We will discuss some ways you can save money when doing your residency interview to equip you for a better experience.


1. Application process

There are a lot of services out there to help you with your personal statement residency and some of them are free. You would probably agree that this is one of the most important steps that can get your foot in the door. However, there are times when professional services are necessary during your application process. If you could get these services for free, it will save a ton of money.

2. Commute

Look for programs to apply at within your area. It does not have to be in your city or town but at least the closest ones. This will save so much travelling costs. I know it is important to get into the top residency programs but you have to really look around. Just because the name and reputation is huge, does not always mean better.

3. Cheap flights

This one ties in with point 2. If you have no success with the institutions close to you or you have your heart set on ones far away, you need to save on flights. This can be done by comparing prices or trying some websites who will do it for you. Travelocity is a good one to plan trips especially if you have multiple interviews in different destinations.

4. Accommodation

If you will be staying for just one night in a particular area, you do not need 5 star accommodation. This is not the time to be fancy. Find cheap or affordable accommodation that won’t have you wake up with bed bug bites. Basically, find decent enough accommodation at a lower rate than the big hotels. Find a nice guesthouse or bed and breakfast. If you know someone in the area, of course this would be ideal and you could just stay over.

5. Scheduling

Try your utmost best to schedule your interviews one after the other. This will allow you to make a round trip and not fly in and out for every single interview. You could also save on accommodation, especially if two interviews are close to each other. I know there are times you have to take the dates you get but usually you can schedule according to your availability. Take advantage of this and plan a one trip to do all your interviews or at least a few together.

6. Combine with classmates

This is one you might not have thought of but it can save you a ton. Seeing as many of your classmates will be applying for interviews at the same time as you, take advantage of this. Schedule as many as you can with some classmates and share the gas cost. You could also book a double room which is usually cheaper than a single room. The other option is to book an apartment and share the cost. There are lots of people renting out these kinds of places per day and you might score.

7. Rent a house

I’ve mentioned renting an apartment in point 6 but you could also rent a house for a few days. If you live in an area far from everywhere you need to be, maybe renting a house more central would be best. You have to do your math here and make sure the rent is less than the travelling costs. Travelling in and out of an area so far from your interviews could be very costly. You might just find it cheaper to stay somewhere where travelling would not be as much.

8. Hosting

If you do not know any people personally in the area of your interview, there are other options. Perhaps call the some schools in the area and see if you can get contact details of interns or students. Contact the students and try and arrange a room for the time. Usually these students or interns would be delighted to make some extra cash and you both score this way.

9. Car services

This might be the least obvious one but make sure your car is in a good condition. If you will be driving around a lot, you do not need any big expenses from some kind of mechanical failure. Check you oil and water often and make sure everything is in order. Even though this is not a direct save connected to the interviews, it will prevent huge expenses.

We hope you apply these tips and save some money on this journey. Residency interviews have people paying thousands of dollars and you really need to count every penny. Be careful not to let this drown you in debt. There are many residency loans available but this is really the last option you should take. Many students already have so much debt due to student loans and you really should not add to it.


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