How to Answer the Most Common Nursing Interview Questions

By | October 31, 2017

Nursing Job Interview Question
A career as a nurse is no longer a piece of cake. The interested candidates will have to go a set of hurdles fabricated by the State Board of Nursing. These hurdles have been designed to upgrade the level of knowledge and also the expertise of the person interested. To become a Licensed Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse, one will have to attain the required educational qualification and only after that will be allowed to get an LPN or RN licensure. This license is given once the candidate goes through NCLEX exam and later, an interview to get the job in a hospital. Yes, even a nurse has to go through an interview because it gives an idea about the kind of person they are getting acquainted with and if he/she will be able to handle the rants faced during the course of medical treatment.
Before appearing for an interview it is obvious for an interviewee to experience a brain jammed. In order to prepare for an interview the interviewee faces tremendous confusion as they are generally not aware about the kinds of questions which are going to be faced by them. In a nursing interview the interviewer generally starts with a series of the most common questions asked in all the interviews and the kind of answers given by the interviewee throws a light on the kind of a person the applicant is. The trick to ace such elementary questions is to be utterly confident about the answers. Instead of getting jumbled in words, a clear cut answer is more preferable and also by presenting yourself as the perfect fit for the job.

The most commonly asked nursing questions and the answers to them are:

Q. Why should we hire you?

A. You should hire me because I have a proficient experience in nursing. The kind of exposure, which I received in my past experience has nurtured my skills and has made me mentally and physically prepared to deal with any kind of medical emergency. I understand the needs of the patient and the importance of maintaining a safe environment for them.

Q. Why do you want to work in our medical center?

A. I feel that the duty as nurse shouldn’t be restricted to a particular place; instead we should always look for different opportunities to embrace the vulnerable beings with utmost care.

Q. How would you handle a patient who troubles at everything?

A. A patient never troubles another person, intentionally; it’s the sickness which makes him needy. Instead of getting angry, I would rather try to comfort that patient patiently.

Q. What measures have you taken to upgrade your knowledge?

A. I have taken various Online Practice Tests, attended many seminars, and was a part of various emergency cases.
These are some of the frequently asked questions by the interviewer in a nursing interview. It is not a difficult task to make it to the end, one just need to be fluent while replying to every answer.

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