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Darla Bray is a content manager and an active guest post writer. Her hobby is writing. Her life credo is “I write to live and I live to write”. She specializes in writing for educating resources, newspapers and blogs. Her main dream is to become a famous blogger and have million of readers.

What is STEM Education and is it Working?

Education takes different forms of diverse paths towards empowering skills to students with the aim of ensuring uplifting the social status. The various types of teaching arise as result of the environments around which the students grow vary with locations and time despite the goal remaining the same, to empower each. Nonetheless, we have to… Read More »

Career Path for Graduates in Computer Science

You might have come across on a point that gets you a clear view that every stream possesses varied career paths in it. The students after clearing their 10th and 12th board exams visualize for the brighter career ahead after the college life. The career paths are different for the different streams. However, it solely… Read More »

The Great Secret: How to Win College Scholarship 2017?

With the high cost of education, receiving a scholarship is one of the best things to happen to students. No one wants to leave college with student debt and if you prove yourself, you would not need to pay off any loans after graduating. So we’ve established that receiving a scholarship is a great opportunity,… Read More »

8 Effective Essay Writing Strategies You Need To Know

Are you naturally good at writing essays or do you find yourself struggling a bit? We all have moments of doubts when submitting a really important essay. As long as you improve from your previous essay, I say, don’t sweat it. Coming up with something good and informative can be daunting but with a few… Read More »

How to Find Inspiration and Finish Your Capstone Paper

Writing a capstone paper may seem like an overwhelming task but it need not be. You can produce a great paper with some guidance and information. First of all, calm down, breathe and then start. Sometimes, you have all the will to do it but you are lacking in inspiration. Here are some guidelines for… Read More »

10 Things You Should Avoid in Your Resume or CV

Usually with every job application you are required to submit your resume and application letter. These are important to tell the recruiter or employer more about you. This will give a clear idea about your qualifications and experience. It is important to let your resume reflect all your achievements. The goal of a good resume… Read More »