Benefits of First Aid Trained Staff

By | August 21, 2017

First Aid training
Health and Safety training courses within the workplace are a legal requirement, however along with this another main factor that gets forgotten about is First Aid training, whether your business is small, large or in an area where you think it is not necessary, you should still have adequately trained staff ready should a circumstance which requires a first aid trained individual arise. It is a legal requirement as a company to have trained professionals on hand to deal with emergency situations by providing first aid before emergency services arrive. There are many benefits on why having First Aid Trained Staff is crucial to your business.

Gives Employees Confidence/ Boosts Morale

Giving first aid training as part of staff training is a very wise option because it gives all employees the confidence that they are safe and looked after if anything was to go wrong where training is needed, it can also prepare the staff for the future by preventing the situation happening again, first aid courses in the workplace promote safer practice amongst employees. Having a positive attitude within the workplace leads to a high morale as the well-being of your employees resulted from a better working and more importantly a safe environment.

Team Building Exercise

When your staff have to take part in a team exercise it can boost team building skills as they are working to look after one another which helps to build relationships, co-workers say that after taking part in training they are more aware of the well-being of their colleagues. Not only is first aid training fun to take part in it also encourages your employees to think logically together and solve situations.

It Saves Lives

This is the most important and obvious reason for First Aid training, it is reported that many lives have been saved in the workplace due to training of CPR and First Aid going underway. Life threatening situations happen unexpectedly therefore it is crucial that trained staff can assess the situation, they know which methods to carry out to ensure the correct medical assistance is provided. It only takes six minutes for the human brain to expire due to lack of oxygen, therefore having the correct training can help to save a life.

Reduce Number of Accidents in Workplace

Going under training for First Aid also makes you aware of any potential hazards within the workplace and prevent anything bad happening because of it, when you are trained you become more aware of surroundings and alert if you notice any potential dangers that could cause accidents. This will have a positive effect on the workplace as it minimises injuries and obstructions.

The cost of training for First Aid is a small fee, this small fee can go a long way and ensures you have a safe workplace. If you want to learn First Aid and become qualified visit for more information on the courses that are available.

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