Best degree for 40, 50 year old

By | May 28, 2016

The most ideal degree for someone in their 40’s or 50’s? As we age a bit older into our more mature years we can often feel discouraged or even silly for considering the idea of furthering our education, or pursuing something new.

According to statistics this is not only an unreasonable position, but also one that’s often unfair to our very selves. In reality, a substantial percentage of your everyday graduates and prospective graduates of academic institutions really begin committing to, and complete their higher education goals between their 30’s, 40’s, and even 50’s.
This of course, is also to include those that have already attempted to, or completed a degree program in the past – and is perhaps now deciding to return to studies.


Being an “older student” is not a bad thing by any means. In fact, one day should you have or make the “free time”, go check out and visit your local community college, and report back how many individuals you saw who were easily in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s! Not to mention, for the more mature crowd – might it be in a brick and mortar environment or online – most often it’s these more mature-aged adults that most efficiently and responsibly commit to their studies -may it be undergraduate or graduate. Not only this, but also those whom are starting or returning to school will find themselves most understandably able to associate with, or “get along” with their professors – as the age different becomes much smaller than it once was in ones “younger days”.

Education, in general, no matter what you’re studying or at what level, requires a certain level of maturity, discipline, confidence, and mindset. Often, while yes a substantial percentage of college students are young, in their early 20’s or younger, not all of these young scholars’ make it to the completion of their degree program, or even past the first few semesters in many cases for that matter.
Sit down with yourself, your loved ones, or even a good friend, and consider how furthering or starting to develop your education at this stage of your life might positively impact your current career, influence the future of or contribute to your future goals and aspirations.

Don’t ever discredit or underestimate yourself on the account of age – everyone deserves a chance. Most importantly, public education is just that, public. So never assume that you’ll be discriminated against because of your age in an academic environment. In fact, any experience that has any similarities to such is that of the exact opposite purpose and nature of higher education. So make no mistake, the best way and thing you have to offer a future education is just that, you, yourself, and your loved ones. Might it be increased salary, stability, or just for the heck’ of it, higher education has a wide range of benefits for an individual – not to exclude professional development, both direct and indirect.

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