Best degree programs for employment 2017-2018

By | May 11, 2016

Some of the most appealing and profitable degree programs and careers for 2016 are based around engineering. As a matter of fact, Biomedical and Aerospace engineering came in at the top as most desirable – as well as most generously paid salaries in comparison to other in-demand careers. These engineering degrees, including chemical engineering, have some of the highest anticipated job-growth rates in comparison to any other career or degree program. Computer Science and Systems engineering are also quite popular, and are in heavy demand as they are science-major areas of studies. This, and they are also considerably quite advanced when compared to other common, or popular degrees and career fields.


Those whom have the highest aptitude in the areas of science, mathematics, chemistry, and information technology will do the best in these areas of work and study – as well as admissions wide with regards to academic demands.

Electrical engineering as an example, is so high in demand due to continued advancements that are taking place in the realms of electric technologic development and application of technology in both the corporate and private sectors. The amount of competitive scholars and professionals in these fields are considerably low, in comparison to the level of demands of such scholars and professionals.
For those whom possess or seek management experience, there are a sleuth of current management-oriented careers available. In particular, General and Strategic Management, IT Management, are especially in demand and face prospective future growth rates of a substantial caliber.

Scholars are learning that professional fields involving core areas of study, such as physician, economics, and statistics continue to grow at a rather rapid rate. There is always a demand for instructors of varying learning levels. The new innovations of cyber-education has only further contributed to a higher demand of such, from the community level, undergraduate, all the way up to graduate and believe it or not some (online) doctoral programs and a demand for instructors of such via the internet as well.

Lastly, for those interested in the medical field, Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant studies and career positions are expanding at a great, high-rate, as new, modern, and additional medical institutions are built to meet the demands for patients of various types or needs.

A lot of scholars don’t realize it throughout their years of study, but nurses and physician assistants actually make substantially higher salaries in comparison to other careers and long-term degree programs or opportunities.

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