Best degree for stay at home mom

By | June 26, 2016

As a stay at-home mom there are many responsibilities involved, dependent upon the amount of children that can commonly interfere or make it seemingly impossible to attend community or a local college – especially if babysitters are out of the question.

Online learning on the other hand while many are regionally accredited and recognized by CHEAA, these too can come with many interferences, challenges, and distractions if you’re an at home mom.


Most importantly, the better question might be whether or not a mother can attend an at-home degree program online at all, to what levels of prospective success or knowledge retention, and then from there draw a focus on to what type of program might most be practical.
It’s also worth considering what kind of current college-courses or degrees have already been completed, so that one can gauge the difficulty or likelihood of continuing education in an efficient manner – all while juggling the responsibility of being an at-home mom.

If just starting college education, a stay-at-home mom might best benefit through beginning a community college level endeavor. Such an (online) education will cover major core requirements for furthering education or advanced degrees. Additionally, such academic exposure will also hopefully demonstrate whether or not said stay-at-home mom is going to perform adequately, or is otherwise ill-guided to the idea of pursuing education at all – while maintaining the responsibility of being a stay at home mom, which understandably is extremely demanding.

With this being said, a liberal arts, social sciences, or business administration degree program pursuit may be most practical for a stay at home. As mentioned previously, covering and learning core requirements (may it be through the Arts or Sciences) is quite essential to gauging or further determining likely success for pursuing a degree as a stay at home mom.
The aforementioned three major-study areas will open the doors for a very wide range of various prospective career paths, potentially help develop or redevelop a current resume, and also offer the enhancement of other professional and social skills that will be helpful in both the workforce and the world of academia.

With a base degree in Liberal Arts, Social Sciences, or Business, one opens the door of possibilities to pursue various sub-categorical majors, such as English for the first, Psychology for the second, and Public Administration or Policy – prospectively, for the third major core area degree focus and area mentioned above.

In addition to doing your due diligence in researching accredited, practical online cyber environments (some included at community college), it’s also worth considering further researching your areas of career interest, and respective degree relevancy or relationship with such career-based aspirations or goals.

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