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By | May 28, 2016

What’s the number one degree to be your own BOSS?

Figuring out what the most ideal degree is to be your own boss one day can be complex, yet at the same time can be simplified. That is, as there’s no generalized answer, degree-route, or solution for just any one person.


Think about it this way, what is your area of interest or specialty? Surely a management or business administration degree might serve you well to create and manage your own business. However, at the same time an accompanying or primary degree in the actual field of study, such as sciences or engineering might prove to be equally essential or beneficial. Consider the value of degree programs that offer a major and a minor, or a concentration in a particular specialty to really get the most out of your education.
A lot of people have stated that a general A.A. or associates level degree is a standard route to begin optimizing your education with relation to creating or stabilizing your own business. This makes sense, if you consider the amount of “core requirements” involved and general education studies that are learned between an associates and bachelors level degree. With that being said, outside of your area of specialty, don’t be afraid to explore, research, and really perform your due diligence to maximize on the history and your understanding of a particular degree or area of interest.

People often feel as though they have stepped into the wrong degree program, and all too often it appears to be “too late” for them to change their route or “start over”. While this is not always the case, it can understandably happen to you should you go “too far” in a degree program that otherwise becomes inapplicable or irrelevant to your (new) or true area of interest, studies, and prospective business.

A great piece of starting advice is to pursue more general degrees in the beginning of your study, try not to take too many course at once, and consider the variations of value or purpose of different degree programs – both current and future.
Many people have learned later on, or “too late”, the values of a degree in sciences versus arts, so this is equally valuable to consider in your academic endeavors. Aside from courses, financial aid, and advising, really try to do your due diligence in researching and understanding what the differences are between degrees based on science versus those of arts. Often, that science degree will be much more desirable, relevant to your area of study, and in some cases even more credible.

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