Best degree to work for Google

By | May 30, 2016

What’s it take to work for Google?

This is an interesting question, and it’s been asked, searched, and regurgitated countless times.

Aside from the more practical or logical understanding and routes of career-pursuit, such as IT or administration, there really are some unique ways to pursue a career with Google.


Those with, or pursuing (that’s right, current students) higher education might easily find themselves in an advantageous position to apply, and likely be considered for a career with Google. In particular, Google especially pays mind to and lends career opportunities to those whom have studied, are in college for, or whom have recently completed studies and a degree in areas such as IT, engineering, or human resources. Management is another commonly desired degree for the chance to work with Google, and thanks to its diverse, international presence the limits are endless.
Searching career’s on Google’s website interface isn’t difficult, and is so specific that you can easily search for jobs in your area, such as by city or state. Even better, some jobs for Google are actually offered completely online – as known as full or part-time “telecommuting” jobs. It’s worth noting however that of course many of its jobs might be country (citizen) specific, so ensure you’re searching for Google jobs in the right places or country.

For anyone serious about landing a job with Google it’s important to first accept the realities of rejection, or not being considered for the first, or even several jobs applied for. Unbeknownst to many – read the public forums – Google recruiters and those that review resume’s actually often cross-share applications with other departments. Therefore, just because you weren’t hired for one job doesn’t mean you won’t be considered for another in lieu of submitting your resume and a genuine (accompanied by a letter) interest.
Google values dreamers, those with creativity, and dedication – so don’t ever give up on the possibilities!

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