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By | May 24, 2016

What’s the best “at-home” Degree Program for You?

In today’s bustling world of technology, online education, and hybrid learning, the limits continue to extend far more than many academic experts and politics ever anticipated.

With online, regionally accredited institutions such as American Public


University, Grand Canyon University, and likewise state schools participating in online degrees, the world is truly ‘your oyster’. With state schools like Penn State (World Campus), or Florida State University hopping on board to not only provide online courses, but also complete online degrees from home, there appears to be no certain end in sight!
From Business degrees, to Social Studies and Services, all the way to English, History and General Sciences, the limits are truly endless. In fact, even most notably “IV” league academic institutions are hopping on board ‘the cyber-degree train’ not to exclude John Hopkins University – a prestigious institution, prominently known for its medical programs and world-recognized quality engineering and sciences programs.

Determining the best “at home” or online cyber education and degree for you will fall onto a handful of variables. For starters, it’s significant to consider what level of education you are pursuing, and of course, what you ultimately look to get out or your online education – and degree. Additionally, take into consideration how much time you’re willing to dedicate to your online studies on a daily to weekly basis – as the demands are often underestimated by freshman-students or those returning to universities after many years or without general online learning experience.

Liberal studies programs, business administration, management, and human resources oriented degrees are quite ideal for starters to start an “at-home” based online education program and degree. These are most desirable as they’re generally widely accepted degrees, and can be used in a broad range of employment as well as (at home) self-employment environments or strategy.

Above all else, talk to your prospective institutions academic advisors and financial aid to help determine what the most practical ‘at-home’ degree program might be for you.

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