How to Build a Great Career in your Chosen Field.

By | February 10, 2018

Having a career is the dream of everyone, whether as an entrepreneur or as a professional.

If you want to learn how to build a great career, then you are in the right place.

You see, nobody wants to just have a job and remain in obscurity. Life sometimes throws one different curve balls that makes it difficult to reach goals but in spite of all that, we all strive to have a life of impact, a life that is remembered.

And one of the ways one can do that is having a great career that would carve a niche for one in one’s chosen field.

Settling for less than a great career in one’s field would simply make one forgettable and there is little more fulfilling than knowing that you matter wherever you are.

Of course, it has often been said that no one is indispensable but while you are still there, it is fulfilling to know that your presence is felt and greatly appreciated in that field. All these would be impossible when one is not great in that career.

It is a well-known truth that the people who are at the top are those who have mastered the art or craft and have something to offer. Nobody would give a top position to someone that is mediocre in the field. To be great, you have to be an expert and luckily, it is possible. There are certain ways one can be achieved greatness in one’s chosen field.

#1: Soak up knowledge

You are probably not surprised that this came first and that is because it is very necessary. As enviable as wisdom is, wisdom is nothing without knowledge. There is a reason wisdom is defined as the application of knowledge. If you do not have the knowledge to apply, then you cannot have wisdom, it is really that simple. Without mincing words, if you want to be great in your career, then you have to be someone given to study. Before you can teach, then you need to be taught. Men who are great in their career are sought for to teach others because of their wealth of knowledge. That knowledge was gotten by actually sitting down to learn. Do not be in a hurry to launch out, when you launch out unprepared, you will come back the same way. Read anything related to your field and even outside of your field, no knowledge is wasted and you will find that you are on your way to greatness.

#2: Networking Helps

Similar to the above, network with recognized experts in your field or career and learn from them. For those you cannot easily come in contact with and access, thankfully, the internet has made the world closer and more people have virtual mentors these days. Add or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and read the knowledge they bring out. For those you can access, even better, get close to them and learn. This ways, you will able to learn not just from what they say, but their lifestyle as well; how they live, how they relate with issues and with others, the kind of books they read and so on. One thing you need to note, however, is that anybody who wants to learn must be humble and teachable, you must humbly be ready to soak up all you can from them.

#3: Apply Knowledge

Wisdom is the application of knowledge. There are many people who have access to knowledge and know all they need to do to be great in their career but they do nothing about it. You cannot reap the benefits of knowledge of you do not do something about it. You are going to have to dedicate time to put to practice all you have learned over time if you want to be great. There is a likelihood that you would get discouraged after putting in some work but you would need to push harder, Rome was not built in a day. The more you work, the better you become and the more you get recognized for your work. Try to keep the passion alive and don’t give up, keep working and it is only a matter of time before you start reaping the fruit of your labor.

#4: Surround yourself with people of like minds

If you want to be great, you will have to surround yourself with great people. It is a truth that you are the people you move around with. Apart from deliberately networking with experts in the field to learn from them, you have to surround yourself with other serious-minded people like yourself who are seeking to be great as well. They do not necessarily have to be people in the same field but they have to be people whose lifestyle influencing you to pursue greatness. The truth is that if you are constantly around those who are nonchalant or indifferent about greatness, you are likely to stop bothering so much about it. But if you are around people with drive, you will be unconsciously pushed to do more. These people could also be people of your field but different specialization that could help you one way or the other.

#5: Teach Others

There is no better way to retain knowledge than to teach it. If you interact with teachers, you will find out that many of them do not necessarily have to read up on what they want to teach again because they have taught the topic severally and it has become a part of them. There a different way you could teach but one of the sure ways is to find a mentee. At your level of expertise, there are many young people who are cannot access the big names and are seeking people like you to teach them what you know. Do not shy away from teaching or try to horde knowledge, you will actually be doing yourself more harm than good because when you teach, you retain. And you can even learn one or two things from the mentee if you keep an open mind. Also, you can also share your ideas informally to friends and family who will give you the audience.

#6: Specialise

A jack of all trades is called a master of none. While it is good and even wise to not restrict oneself to a particular field, it is also not advisable to want to specialize in everything. It is important to know a little of everything and not necessarily everything of everything. You will have a higher chance of learning a lot and becoming greater if you specialize in a certain area, so you can dedicate your time to it and be great at it.

#7: Write

This is similar to teaching because you will be sharing your knowledge as well. In the case of writing, however, it will also showcase yourself to the world. Once you have soaked up enough knowledge, write ideas down for people to read. It is usually best to follow a solution based strategy. A lot of people are looking for solutions to different problems, find one and give solutions. You do not even have to start with a book, you can have a blog where you write frequently, you can write articles and get them published in newspaper or magazines or a feature as a guest blogger, you can also use your social media profile to write your ideas. It will not only improve you but will also let others know you are someone to be taken seriously in your field.

#8: Speaking Engagements

Apart from writing, another way you can become great in your career is by engaging in public speaking. If you have never done it before, it can be quite scary but it will really help in establishing you as an authority in your career. You could do a mock session with friends and family before going on stage. But try to get speaking engagements in seminars or panels so as to publicly announce the ideas you have. It does not matter the audience and you might have to start small before you get the big stages. You can also associate with public speakers so as to get speaking gigs, and speaking alongside them would afford you a larger audience. Just make sure to prepare yourself even before you get the speaking gig, so when the opportunity comes, it does not meet you unprepared.

#9: Improve yourself

Knowledge is getting updated every day so you cannot afford to be left behind in the old. Try not to fight against change but embrace it, especially when it has a hold on your field. You can keep yourself updated by reading publications and interacting with others in your field.

#10: Get interviewed

Getting interviewed is also a great way to establish yourself to the public as one who knows his craft. Getting a radio interview is actually easier than television. You can get one by contacting the host through their contact address on the station’s website or through their social media accounts. You will, of course, need to explain why you will be a good fit for an interview and be ready to answer other questions.


Finally, Relax. This might not be completely related but it is also important. Try to relax and not be desperate. Nobody got to the top in a day. It took years, so don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself, relax and enjoy the ride to the top.

Whatever you do, do not give up. It is never an easy smooth ride to the top but it is worth it.

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