Career Mistakes That Might Be Holding You Back

By | May 12, 2017

We all want a healthy and fulfilling career and so we try to show up every day on time, we always meet project deadlines so that our performance is not hampered as result come next appraisal and so on. But what is it that we may be doing wrong?

top 10 career mistakes

It might just be nothing. We don’t want paranoia to run over you but this post is not about paranoia but about actual mistakes that we make at work and fail to notice. Even if you don’t make any of these mistakes that follow, consider this a checklist which will help you stay in check.

1.      Handling Upsets Poorly

It’s good to work with a positive attitude and strive with new zest and zeal every day. So what can go wrong? Where people are working, setbacks or errors/omissions are bound to occur. There will not always be profit but loss as well and some loss is, at times, directly attributed to individuals working in the company.
It could be losing an important client or his account due to your overcommitment or your ideas are not being heard over at this meeting and are passed in favor of someone else’s. These are all setbacks that are bound to happen but how you face them, says a lot about you.

You don’t have to be a perfectionist. Simply put, you cannot ever be! So learn to live with your imperfections and know that such occurrences are part of life and not the end of it. In life lies career and it is not the other way around. It has been observed that well-qualified and experienced individual lose heart over upsets and become too hard to themselves for doing poorly.

You did poor, okay. The way you are handling your upset poor is not okay. Therefore, don’t be disappointed in yourself instead ask questions on how you mend your ways or do better. Take initiative and challenge yourself with owning tasks and responsibly delivering them. Tell yourselves, never again you are going back to being the person who made that mistake.

It is not that mistakes are not forgivable. It is the repeating of that mistake which makes it unforgivable.

2.      Failing to Self-Promote

In organizations, being promoted by the boss is not the only promotion you should eye. There is a thing called self-promotion. By self-promotion, it means honing your skillset from time to time and not let it rust rather guard it against the wear and tear.

This is especially important in the cases where you have just scored and completed a task which has garnered you praise and as a result, people look up to you. Look to buy essay online in this regard. You become their role model. I say this because when you are fresh off the bat of a successful venture, your skills employed in achieving the goals are more likely to corrode.

The reason, is you tend to ride on that success and in the process forget to work harder after accomplishing it. A wise man once said that people work hard until they achieve success but they are wrong, you need to keep polishing those skills more than ever after you have achieved success as then you should consider competing with your own self in order to beat your previous score.

3.      Thinking “Me” Instead of “We”

Participating actively in your work is the right thing to do but when you make it all about yourself and instead focus on fulfilling your individual goals instead of collective efforts to realize organizational goals you are thinking “me” in place of “we”

While personal gains are not wrong but your boss or supervisor is least interested in what you gain on a personal and more interested in what you can bring to the table as a when working together with other members of the team.

So your actions should benefit the whole company and add to the overall health of the company. This way, you will play an integral part in guiding the company towards success. Down the line, the management would realize how your contributions among others’ brought revenue and they would consider assigning more tasks to you and relying on you. They may want to promote you as well in the future.

In short, you ought to be a team player and must at all times position yourself as one. Someone who is willing to work together with others and can take on group projects so that everyone involved can benefit.

4.      Not Asking for Feedback

There is a thing called annual appraisals and everyone eyes it but what they fail to fathom is that regular feedback is equally important. So one should try to elicit feedback from his boss on a regular basis so as to determine his standing performance wise.

It just does not rest on the shoulders of the employee alone, often a manager is not equipped or trained in delivering timely feedback. The concerned employee does not have the time to take corrective measures and in the end, the manager makes the hell rain down him on how irresponsible he was throughout the calendar in fulfillment of his duties.

Even if you had some highlights with regards to work performance in the calendar year, they all get lost somewhere and only the events that took place in recent memory or huge projects are taken into account for evaluation purposes.

5.      Declining to Take on New Roles

Not going the extra mile is easily the biggest reason for a career suicide. I won’t label this as a mistake. No sir, this is preposterous! Remember whichever firm you are hired at, you are not there to do what your job description says. Not stated explicitly but your boss and management are watching whether or not you are reluctant to take on new roles.

If you don’t show initiative or decline to take up new job tasks as and when assigned, you are being a vanilla. Vanilla is the actual flavor of an ice cream. What makes it a mango or chocolate chip or berry blast is that extra mile (read flavor) which when added makes it stand out. Thus, snap out of your comfort zone.

Author Bio: Bramwell Osula is an HR consultant by profession and runs his own management and recruitment consultancy firm. He loves to blog in his leisure time. You can follow him for updates on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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