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What is Educational Research?

As a student, teacher or in any other role related to education, you must have listened to the sentences like “evidence based practice” or “according to any research” thousands of time. This would have made you think about the relation of the word research and the education and what do such sentences really means. The… Read More »

Career Path for Graduates in Computer Science

You might have come across on a point that gets you a clear view that every stream possesses varied career paths in it. The students after clearing their 10th and 12th board exams visualize for the brighter career ahead after the college life. The career paths are different for the different streams. However, it solely… Read More »

How To Get Into Executive Search & Recruitment Companies Radar and How They Can Help You Find Job Opportunities in Myanmar

How They Can Help You Find Job Opportunities in Myanmar Gain More Visibility  If you are actively participating in the dialog of your field or industry specialism you significantly increase being recognised as a talent by executive search and recruitment companies in Myanmar. Being quoted in articles, having articles published or speaking at events relevant… Read More »

The Great Secret: How to Win College Scholarship 2017?

With the high cost of education, receiving a scholarship is one of the best things to happen to students. No one wants to leave college with student debt and if you prove yourself, you would not need to pay off any loans after graduating. So we’ve established that receiving a scholarship is a great opportunity,… Read More »

Using Arguments in Academic Writing

Arguments are an important or in fact the most important part of any academic writing. It is up to you to write and craft arguments and they make up a very important part of your assignment. It is with these arguments that you present your evidence and hen use it to further make your way… Read More »

8 Effective Essay Writing Strategies You Need To Know

Are you naturally good at writing essays or do you find yourself struggling a bit? We all have moments of doubts when submitting a really important essay. As long as you improve from your previous essay, I say, don’t sweat it. Coming up with something good and informative can be daunting but with a few… Read More »

How to Find Inspiration and Finish Your Capstone Paper

Writing a capstone paper may seem like an overwhelming task but it need not be. You can produce a great paper with some guidance and information. First of all, calm down, breathe and then start. Sometimes, you have all the will to do it but you are lacking in inspiration. Here are some guidelines for… Read More »

The 5 College Classes That’ll Make You Wanted

I have recently a student telling his friends that he sees no point in getting a degree and pursuing higher education. He explained it very simply: if you look at the background of people that are known as the biggest success of all times, at least one-third of them either never went to the university… Read More »