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Education code 51512

The California Education Code 51512 expressed guidelines and expectations by the Department of Education and state with regards to the use of personal, hidden electronic recording devices. Specifically, the use of such in a school learning environment without the permission of others, and/or individual(s) being recorded. For any administrative personnel or teacher that does such,… Read More »

Submit education, career, job guest blog post. Write for us

Are you a student, teacher or an owner of education, career related website, who wants to submit education blog post? Write for us. Our readers would like to hear from you! Submit education, career advice articles about education courses, career programs, job opportunities, etc: – Article must be 100% unique, 400-1200 words – Article should… Read More »

Education code 51101

The California Education Code 51101 is designed as a multi-part coverage of various rights of parents in the involvement of their child(s) education, as well as communication criteria, regulations, and expectations between a parent, student, and school. The education code 51101 also covers parents rights to volunteer with students or their child in a school… Read More »