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How To Get Into Executive Search & Recruitment Companies Radar and How They Can Help You Find Job Opportunities in Myanmar

How They Can Help You Find Job Opportunities in Myanmar Gain More Visibility  If you are actively participating in the dialog of your field or industry specialism you significantly increase being recognised as a talent by executive search and recruitment companies in Myanmar. Being quoted in articles, having articles published or speaking at events relevant… Read More »

Nailing Your First Week at a New Job

Congratulations on nabbing that job role! It was a long and tough interview process but you finally made it! But now, here comes the harder part – proving to the company that they made the right choice in hiring you. And you can bet that people are really watching you. As a matter of fact,… Read More »

Getting a job using your second language

Knowing other languages ​​in a world that, thanks to globalization, has forced people to be bilingual and almost makes them forget their mother tongue, definitely comes in handy when looking for a new job. Numbers do not lie, today, nearly 60% of job offers require the candidate to master a second language. English and German… Read More »

Secrets of a Successful Interview

Secrets of a Successful Interview: Expert Advice How to dress, what to talk about, how to make contact, and other expert advice in the field of HR consulting Sooner or later, each person faces the necessity to change a place of employment. And often, the most important and decisive step on the way to a… Read More »

Don’t want to work 9-5. Alternative to 9 to 5 job

Working 9-5 can be tough for anyone, and considering today’s bustling economies, while the often higher cost of living doing so can be stressful, and an even discouraging daily routine. In many places, even the USA, it’s necessary to work multiple part-time jobs, or full-time and a half or more – far beyond the “9-5… Read More »