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Internships: Is It Actually Necessary to Apply for One?

For a student, getting started in the professional world is definitely a challenge. Not only because they must face a mass of new talent who wish that with their knowledge and abilities will be able to find their ideal job, but, additionally, employers also need to consider the experience that the student has. This is… Read More »

9 Tips to Save Money on Your Residency Interviews

Every year tons of money is spent applying for residency. These interviews can cost you a pretty penny if you are not wise and careful. Understanding the importance of saving if you are accepted is important. Many medical residency programs do not come cheap and it is vital to save while doing your residency interview… Read More »

Pre-med student volunteer opportunities in US and abroad

At Home Pre-Med students have a lengthy list of various qualifications, academic, and workforce based experience requirements and criteria that are built-in to a medical degree. For example, for starters in order to obtain nearly any type of medical degree, be it Pediatrics or Psychiatry, all medical-students are required to obtain the same M.D. (although… Read More »

Is pre nursing a degree? a major? Is pre nursing the same as nursing?

A Pre-Nursing Degree A.A. (Associate’s Degree) is not all that common, and many prospective as well as current students and professionals are unaware that such a degree exists. When in fact however, typically the first two year completed in community college or a four year program for Nursing, could in of itself be classified as… Read More »