How to develop skills for new venture with top BBA programs in entrepreneurship

By | June 25, 2017

Top BBA programs in entrepreneurship are in high demand among the learners. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Entrepreneurship course is designed to develop the future entrepreneurs with the latest knowledge and skills required for running a start-up. The course focuses on analyzing, identifying and evaluating local and global business opportunities, understanding innovation and developing creativity, creating new business ventures, social and ethical responsibilities for entrepreneurs, opportunities for minority and women entrepreneurs, etc.
Key objectives of the entrepreneurship program
BBA in Entrepreneurship program equips candidates with all the essential skills relevant to running and starting an organization. Through BBA in entrepreneurship program, students will learn to compete in the market, writing a business plan, use operating strategies and understand the legal implications of business management. Some of the key objectives of BBA in Entrepreneurship program are as follows:

  • Inspire potential candidates to think like an entrepreneur, by being creative and innovative in their action and thoughts.
  • Initiate new business ventures or significantly growing existing organizations through change and innovation.
  • Provide knowledge and guidance that enables candidates to tackle various challenges that the initial stages of a new project presents, with definitive goals.
  • Train the candidates to carry in-depth analysis of interdisciplinary and disciplinary subjects and also enable them to get hands on experience in this ever evolving industry.

About BBA in Entrepreneurship
The teaching of top BBA programs in entrepreneurship is done through interactive sessions in the class. Real life situations and scenarios are shared through role plays, group work, tutorials, audios and videos etc. Focus is laid on practical work which is offered through live projects, case studies and learning by doing. The skills and knowledge of candidates are also assessed by various innovative techniques. The parameters for assessment are proficiently developed for each competency. The course also includes flexible credit structure with a wide range of options varying from augmenters and amalgamators to competency builders.
What students will learn?
Candidates who graduate in BBA – Entrepreneurship will be able to:

  • Communicate efficiently and clearly to evaluate and develop funding proposals and business plans.
  • Clearly understand ethical problems related to owning a business and the responsibility towards both employees and investors.
  • Apply their interpersonal skills to efficiently market a service or product and also develop knowledge needed to effectively lead a company.
  • Apply financial principles to assess cash flow needed for the growth, start-up capital needs, pre and post funding valuation and break even analysis.

Use problem solving skills and critical thinking analytical tools to initiate new businesses and implement processes to successfully operate these businesses.

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