Don’t want to work 9-5. Alternative to 9 to 5 job

By | November 4, 2016

Working 9-5 can be tough for anyone, and considering today’s bustling economies, while the often higher cost of living doing so can be stressful, and an even discouraging daily routine. In many places, even the USA, it’s necessary to work multiple part-time jobs, or full-time and a half or more – far beyond the “9-5 Grind”. But what does this mean? Well, for starters, this doesn’t have to be you!


While it’s true everyone at least thinks they want to be their own boss, most people have never had the chance to do so. With that being said, let’s consider some ways you can pursue an entrepreneurial lifestyle and care a path to escape the typical 9-5 work life.

Alternative to 9 to 5 job

Create a business which includes a service that people need (it could be as simple as dog walking, fixing computers, or buying bulk specialty foods and reselling them for a profit)You might be surprised how popular these types of jobs are, and how fast it can be to get enough clientele to do away with your day job. Just be mindful, being your own boss also means handling all of the advertising, marketing, and payroll – or at least until your business is big enough one day to hire someone else to do it.
Pick up a skill or trade, which can be as “simple” as making homemade baked goods, all the way to fixing cars – perhaps consider going to mechanics school – and then combine this with one or two part-time jobs and there you have it! No more 9-5 work schedule.

Outside of the obvious, a lot of people don’t consider or are for some reason automatically turned off from the idea of multiple part-time jobs, and while it can seem unstable it really doesn’t have to be. Well, at least any more unstable than your current full-time 9-5 job. Look at it this way, with multiple part-time jobs you are opening yourself up to making various salaries, answer to different bosses, and enhance your job security in the sense that if one company were to ever close or move that you would still have a job.

Going on with obtaining multiple part-time jobs, consider the added flexibility you could gain by designing or manipulating your various part-time job schedules around the way you want them to be. This could be anything from leaving enough time in the day to have an extended lunch break or even a few hours to rest or get other things done around the house. After all, who likes getting up at 6,7, or even 8am every day to go to work? Most people are not a ‘morning person’.

Last but not least, have you explored other career opportunities and employers that offer rotating shifts, a later start, earlier finish, or even split shifts? You might be surprised to know that even some of the largest U.S. companies like R.J. Reynolds Tobacco make it possible for some survey specialists to work two 3-4 hour shifts per day with a relatively 1-3 hour gap in between. Like to travel? Try to find a job that includes this perk! Don’t ever limit yourself, and keep your eyes and options open.

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