Editing and Proofreading Guidelines for Writing Quality Essays

By | February 6, 2017

Any written work you produce should be of the highest quality. This does not necessarily mean using big words and complicated phrases. You just have to make sure your essay is rid of all spelling and grammar mistakes. Also make sure you know how to paraphrase in an essay. There are many avenues of editing and proofreading an essay. Here is a complete guide to edit and proofread your work.


Start by making sure your page format is correct. Your essay should have had instructions about the format. Make sure you are using the correct font, page size and margins. If you have been typing in a different font, just correct it. You do not want to lose any marks for failing to follow the brief.


With writing an essay comes a lot of research. Make sure you properly cite all the sources where you gathered information from. Also be sure the format you use to cite your sources are correct. Another good thing is to let your paragraphs force’s on one source. This way you can organize your citations to flow with your essay.

One error focus

Instead of driving yourself over that wall with proofreading, take one error at a time. When you try and identify too many types of errors at the same time, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Perhaps focus on how to reword a sentence. After that you might look for incorrect placements of commas. By editing in stages, you will be less likely to overlook any errors.

Reading backwards

You might think this is crazy but sometimes we need to trick our minds. When you’ve read your essay for a few times, you might start believing everything is good. Reading every word is a necessary for effective proofreading but the flow might distract you from the errors. Read your essay backwards in order for you to actually focus on proper spelling.

Lost in translation

When you proofread your essay, make sure you did not lose the message of your sources. It is acceptable to reword a fact but be positive to have the same effect as the original source. Search for paraphrasingservice if this is an issue for you.

Final check

After editing and proofreading your essay, you know you want to do it again, just to remain sane. Once you got rid of all the grammatical issues, it is time to read it one more time. Now you want to focus on the message of the essay. Is the subject covered intensely? Did you perhaps use sensitive information for which you need permission to publish? After editing and proofreading your final work, you should be in a good mental space.


Writing a great essay is just the first step before handing it in. Editing and proofreading is really where the work is done. There are people out there who will do this for you. If you do not feel comfortable editing and proofreading your own work, perhaps it’s time to ask for outside help. Check your grammar for free on Analyze.AcademicHelp.net. You could even ask someone you know, like a friend or family member, to proofread your work. The more people who read your essay, the better the chances are of getting rid of all those little errors.

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