The 5 College Classes That’ll Make You Wanted

By | October 13, 2016

I have recently a student telling his friends that he sees no point in getting a degree and pursuing higher education. He explained it very simply: if you look at the background of people that are known as the biggest success of all times, at least one-third of them either never went to the university or did not make it to the end. That is true, in fact, so I cannot blame that student for being dishonest.


However, that cannot be a good excuse not to study at all or not to take extra classes to expand your horizons. The current situation on the employment market shows us that students with a degree have a higher chance of building a successful career. Nevertheless, certain classes double your chances of becoming a success in a certain niche.
In this article, we will show you what courses are known to increase your chances of making it to the top of a career ladder. But before we move on to the classes, let’s see the statistics the Approved Index presented on the degrees current billionaires got at their own time. Apart from more than 30% of those without higher education, at least one-fifth gained a diploma in engineering, around 10% got a degree in business, arts, and economics; the rest got certified in the fields of finance, science or arts.

Even if you are not striving to become a billionaire, you will still want to know what classes make you wanted on the job market. So, meet five college classes you should take if you want to get better employment prospects in the future!

1. The first course on our list is programming. The field of computer programming is growing really quickly these days. With the digitalization of the world, more and more programmers are wanted all around the globe, so if you take a class or two of computer science at college, you will increase your chances of successful employment in the future.

On top of that, with the growing demand for programmers, only six months of programming experience will guarantee that you will be offered a position at a prestigious company. Plus, you can learn from home, which is great no matter where you live.

2. The second class we highly recommend you taking is marketing. Since businesses are growing, and new technologies emerge, marketing departments have a lot of openings these days. This field involves much out-of-the-box as well as strategic thinking.

Therefore, if you are a creative personality always looking for extraordinary ways to solve the problems, this class is for you. Remember that a marketing campaign and a strategic plan is something that every company, politician and even show-business person need. So, you will always have job offers.

3. Writing class is the next one on our list; however, it does not mean that it only comes third in general. Writing skills are crucial to all kinds of business. Just think of it: whether you are running your own business, you need to be able to communicate your thoughts clearly to get investments to your business.

Moreover, you will need these same skills to create an innovative marketing plan or even compose your own resume when applying for a job you really liked. It all starts with the ability to express yourself. So, if there is an opportunity for you to enroll in a Writing course, seize the opportunity!

4. Another class that will make you wanted on the job market is business studies. Becoming a good boss requires relevant knowledge. Sure thing, some people are good leaders in nature, but if you lack the understanding of management basics, you will fail to be a leader people would like to follow.

These studies cover the questions of excellent communication, problem-solving, leadership techniques, etc. Therefore, after taking such a class, you will feel more confident when encouraging people to follow you, to believe in your dream and help you realize it. No matter whether you are a department manager or a President of a large-scale company, you need to be equipped with sufficient knowledge to perform well. That is why do not hesitate to take this class!
5. Finally, economics course should be on your resume as well. It is great if you had it in college, but if not, you should find one online and enroll in it.

Forbes recommends spending at least one semester trying to figure out how microeconomics works, as any business needs a specialist that is good at setting the price, monitoring the market, and knows how to work with statistics. So, take this class if you want to be in high demand on the job market.

To sum up, among all the variety of courses you can choose, we highly recommend you opting for programming, writing, economics, business studies, and marketing, as the market tendencies show that they are especially appreciated these days.

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Kevin Nelson started his career as a research analyst and has changed the sphere of activity to writing services and content marketing. Except writing, he spends a lot of time reading psychology and management literature searching for the keystones of motivation ideas. Feel free to connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin.

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