The Great Secret: How to Write Correctly and Get Rid of Spelling Mistakes

By | January 5, 2017

At some point or another you will be required to do some writing. You do not have to be a writer to have to know the correct way of producing good written content. Writing is simply constructing words together in an attempt to make sense. There is a right and a wrong way to write and we will list some tips to help you write correctly.

1. Tense

Many writers have a problem getting their tenses right. Before you hand in a piece of writing, make sure you understand how to use your tenses correctly. Here is an example:

Joshua walked (This is past tense)

Joshua walks (This is present tense)

Joshua will walk (This is future tense)

2. Grammar

Good grammar is a must for being a god writer. If you look at the web today, you can find a lot of great articles with grammar mistakes. Here are some examples of common grammar mistakes to help you avoid it in your writing:
When we refer to one person, people often write the sentence as: Marys’ dog is very sick instead of Mary’s dog is very sick.

Your and you’re are also common grammar confusions. This is how you use it incorrectly:

– You’re a great person.

– Can I borrow you’re pen.

3. Semicolon

This one could possibly fall under the grammar point but it deserves a place of its own. The semicolon is used to connect two sentences which bounce off each other. If you are unsure of how to use it correctly, you can find a semicolon checker online which may help with using it correctly. A comma and semicolon checker will place the characters in the correct place and takes the confusion out of it.

Here is an example of using it correctly:

I have to write an exam tomorrow; I can’t go out with you tonight.

4. Spelling

Even though this is proper spelling is the foundation of good writing, many people still get it wrong. None of us are going to always have perfect spelling unless we are spelling bee champions (even spelling bee champions get it wrong sometimes). There are tools out there to help you check your spelling but I do encourage you to try and get the basics right. One way to help you improve your spelling is by reading a lot. We hear this tip a lot in school but reading a fast and great way to add more words to your vocabulary. This way, you lock those words into your brain and thus allowing yourself to be a better writer.

Proper writing is something you have to work on constantly. Practice will make perfect and even the best writers still make mistakes. If we can learn from our mistakes, we will only improve. Aim to write a few words every day and do not beat yourself up if you get it wrong a few times. By not giving up and continuing to learn, your writing can only get better.

Darla Bray is a content writer who works and an active guest post writer. Her hobby is writing. Her life credo is “I write to live and I live to write”. She specializes in writing for educating resources, newspapers and blogs. Her main dream is to become a famous blogger and have million of readers.

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