What Happened When this Australian School Stopped Assigning Homework?

By | October 28, 2017

One of the schools in Sydney, Australia has decided to stop given homework and the result was amazing.

One of the viral posts from a child blogger one of the school administration in Australia has decided that no more homework.

You all have seen a different post regarding the problems and frustrations that parents face while completing their children homework. There are different debates occur about homework assigning will continue or not. There is survey conduct in which they find whether homework is helpful for the child or not and what is teacher taught in the classroom.

The result of research finds that so many parents say that homework will not contribute to strengthening any learned skills and it has no measurable advantage even not in the short term as well as long-term.

The School Principal Angela Helsloot, says that she saw a remarkable difference between the teacher students engagements till then when their teachers decided to stop giving homework to the students. The school management has decided that decision in the last spring after the survey in their own school and take the opinions of the parents and students about the homework.
This survey showed devastating results. Only 20% of the students who was said that they liked doing homework, while the large majority saying it was not enjoyable, and put students even in more stressed after a long hectic day.  The Even majority say that they think homework is just an important element of their child academic life but most of the student online making an assignment website or etc. Also, this survey helps the principal to take the decision whether the school stopped giving homework or not to their children, which is now very clear.

This decision is the beginning of new education process which is a project based. Rather giving a daily homework, now teachers are giving a semester project to the 3rd and 4th grade students so they can work as per their own comfort and space and students of grade 5th and 6th have a team project that they are responsible for it, also they also give a relaxation that they can work at their own pace. Also, Angela says that projects are recommended which enhance the academic skills but still it is not compulsory.

According to the Angela, there are a 100% turn rates of students project as compared to the daily homework assignment rate which is very low.

The teachers assign projects that are very helpful for the students and that link students skills with real-life applications. Through this students get numerous advantage and enjoy that phase of learning. In this way, students have a chance to explore new things rather than just to stuck on limited subjects and things.

Angela has served his skills to the education since 1997 and according to her homework is a source of stress for both parents as well as students. This time properly consume in another useful activity.

No Homework Policy: Student’s Daily Home Assignment

No homework policy gives students a chance to do:

  1. Read right books every night, involve your parents as well in this reading.
  2. Get outside and play.
  3. Have more time for your family and eat dinner with your family. Help your mother to complete a home task.
  4. Get a good night’s sleep.

After six months of this policy teacher and parents get amazing results and success. According to Mr. Trifilio, the no-homework policy has also great impact on students’ academic progress as well as now students have more time to be creative thinkers at home and pursue their passions

Not only the teachers and students feel good but parents are also satisfied and a very positive attitude regarding a homework-free afternoon. Majority parents say that now kids have more time to read books and do other activity.

Only a few parents say that their children were lost out on further learning opportunities when the formal homework stopped.

In another research which is conduct between 1987 and 2003, the researchers are unable to find strong bonding and association between time spent on homework and other academic achievements for primary school students. For high school students, there is a bit difference, The time spent on homework for secondary school students was associated along with better academic outcomes.

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