Hot Tips For MBA Students: How to Make Your MBA Recruiter Think of You

By | November 14, 2016

Receiving an MBA is a great accolade and there are many people who cannot wait to add it to their resume. Getting through the admissions process might be the first hurdle in the road. There is some great MBA application help out there and with the correct research, you can make it a little easier. Business school admissions are tricky and you have to know what you are doing.


The last thing you want to do is to be a forgotten applicant. You want to stand out amongst the masses and be one of the successful applicants. In order for you to do that, you have to follow some processes to make it happen. One of these processes will be your statement of purpose. Probably the most important essay of your life. Some people even hire a MBA admission consultant who is an expert on subjects like, statement of purpose.

We list a few tips on writing the perfect Statement of Purpose

Make sure you have no spelling and grammar mistakes. These can cost you so much. You could present great scores and have years of hard work ruined by a spelling error. The reason the committee is so hard on this one is because we have so many free grammar checking tools available these days. Have your work proofread by a family member or a friend to ensure an unbiased opinion.
Grab their attention from the first paragraph. If your SOP is going to bore the committee, they will hardly get through the whole thing. Do not leave the best for last in this case. Make sure the entire essay is so thrilling that the reader cannot stop until the end. Even better, if the reader can’t wait to find out more about you.
Keep it professional. You cannot use your art skills on your SOP. This is a professional document and it should reflect just that. Unfortunately using difficult to read, fancy fonts, will only annoy the recruiter and not impress at all. This is not a love letter, but a professional document to ensure you are accepted into one of the best programs. Show it the kind of respect it deserves.

You will have one more chance to impress the recruiter and that will be in the interview.

I suppose we all believe that no one should be judged by their appearance, but it happens every day. The same will happen the minute you walk into the interview room. You do not have to be wearing fancy, branded or expensive clothes. All you have to present is a well, put together, organized individual who has it together. If you walk in frazzled with a stained shirt and uncombed hair, you will definitely not impress the recruiter.

Have some questions prepared. Ask intelligent, informative and thrilling questions. This is where you can impress the recruiter or be seen as a total bore. You have to come across as someone who has done the research and knows what they’re talking about. Do not go unprepared and be able to answer any general questions the recruiter has. You will never know every question that might be asked but at least show some form of preparation.

Be sure to read all requirements and have it ready in your interview. It is the worst thing if you came all the way, just to realize you forgot something important. This would waste your time as well as the lecturer’s. You only have this one moment to blow the socks off the recruiter and you can only do that if you are not disorganized. If this is the most important thing to you then have your stuff sorted. You need to give yourself ample time to get it together and rather be over prepared than under prepared. Speak to previous MBA students and ask for some tips and just the general experience. Do that so you are not too star struck or just plain shocked when you get your first question.

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