How Work Experience Shapes Growth Across Different Career Options

By | January 27, 2020

Work Experience
Having a job is of enormous importance nowadays. It is not just the earnings that a person wants to yield from a job. Work experience is what matters more. Everyone wants an impressive work experience because it ultimately drafts the path of their career. It is the one main thing that explains your worth to an employer. The support and enhancement of work experience gives to a resume and cover letter is of utmost importance.

If you are a fresher, you need to make sure that you make the right decision and choose the right career path. The experience that you will gain from your first job will affect the course of your career path thereafter. And if you are an experienced employee, your experience letter will always be beneficial when you find a new job. The probability of landing a successful new job is directly proportional to the work experience gained.

Let us look at a few career options and their growth graph:

1. Career in Sales

The roles in sales are countless. And so are the responsibilities. If you join a company that offers its services and products to other companies, you join as an Inside Sales Development Representative. After you gain experience in developing new opportunities and surveys, you can be promoted to the position of Account Executives. That is when you get the responsibility of dealing with prospects and finalizing deals.

When you have gained experience in handling the whole sales team, you can be promoted to leadership roles. For instance, you can be a Sales Director or a Sales Manager. Therefore, work experience is essential to keep growing in your career. The best sales director can even become a Sales Vice President and ultimately the Chief Revenue Officer for the company.

2. Career in Business Development

From dealing with client services to business planning, business development professionals can do a variety of tasks. There is a great deal of learning that one can do as a business developer. And with experience in this field, an individual can move ahead from the entry-level position to the position of a Business Development Manager. This designation makes you a team leader.

If you meet the expectations and turn out to be successful in leading the team, you can be promoted. The next higher level is Business Development leadership. Being the leader your designation could either be a Vice President of business development or a Director of Business Development.

3. Career in Content Writing

If you are a content writer who has the ability to tailor their words and create magic from them, you can touch heights. With good command over words and experience in the field, there are a plethora of opportunities that a content writer can grab. You can either become a social media strategist and have the entitlement to connect to potential customers of the company on various social media platforms.

Your experience letter that will be proof of your capabilities as a content writer. Therefore, with experience, you can also become a content editor. And after you have sufficient experience and are familiar with all prospects of content and its outreach, you can also become a Creative Director.

4. Career in Software Engineering

Software engineers have a good scope of growth and prospects in their career journey. Companies offer great designations if you have the rightful work experience. As a fresher, your designation is that of a Junior Software Engineer. After gaining experience for 0-3 years approximately, you can be promoted as a Senior Software Engineer. There are various levels of a Senior Software Engineer and the responsibilities of each are different. The scope to learn and gain experience is immense and therefore, within 5-8 years, an individual can climb the ladder and reach the position of a Principal Engineer. After all, title matters.

5. Career in Hospitality:

The most famous job position that people apply for in the hotel line is that of a front office manager. The role of a front office manager is an important one because they are the ones who represent the whole hotel group in front of the guests. Moreover, the career scope for a front office manager is very impressive. With experience, you can be an assistant manager and after that a general manager. If you are exceptionally well in your work, you can even be promoted as a Corporate Owner.

6. Career in Management:

The management hierarchy is most important for any company because the effective working of the company depends on management. With impressive qualifications and skills, if you are a Team Leader in a company, appropriate experience can help you be promoted as an Office Manager. And ultimately, you can be a supervisor for the company and supervise all the ongoing activities.

7. Career in Networking

If you have a qualification in the field of computer studies, networking might be a good career option for you. At the entry-level, your designation is of a network technician. After gaining experience in dealing with the issues of different software, you can be promoted as a network programmer/analyst. A network programmer is thus promoted as a network engineer. Thereafter, you can be the supervisor of all the engineers, technicians, supervisors and be on the designation of a network manager yourself. Ultimately, the highest job position is of a Network Administrator.

8. Career in the field of Education

In almost all the universities, you start from the position of a lecturer. With time you gain experience in the field of teaching and gain a permanent position in the faculty of a college. From there, you can be promoted as an Associate Professor. With experience of a few years and a PhD, you can thereafter be promoted as a Professor at the university level. With vast knowledge that you gain all through the years of experience, you can become a Dean and finally even a Chancellor of a University.

Concluding Words:

Hence, work experience as we can all perceive has more than one benefit. It helps you get closer to your plan of action and ultimate goal. With experience, you also make a lot of new contacts, and your network gets stronger. And employers are always on a lookout for applicants with good experience.

Apart from this, work experience in various different jobs also gives you time to decide and finalize. Decide if you want to continue and build your career in the same field or not. For instance, if you are confused about what career path to choose, explore various jobs. Work experience puts a positive impact on your resume on various levels. It brings you out of the cocoon of being a fresher and gives you the reality of the world of work.

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