Influence of Mass Media on Process of Globalization

By | June 9, 2017

Mass Media and Globalization
ABSTRACT: Mass media has greater impact on everyone as it interconnects everything and everyone round the world, in one large network of information flow and communication.


In the 80’s, the introduction of mass media took the world by storm. TV, Newspapers and Radio spread the word far and wide within matter of minutes, keeping everyone well informed. Then, in the 90’s, Cable transmission came which offered more channels for the viewers, bringing news and stories from global perspectives on your TV set. As before this, mass media like TV was under state control. But with the introduction of cable, audience started enjoying privatized channels and news feed as well. And this was only the beginning. Let us discuss the impact of mass media on the process of globalization.


As mentioned above, the mass media like TV, newspaper and Radio had its substantial impact on public opinion in the 80s and developed into a colossal phenomenon by the end of 90’s. There were TV, Cable transmission, Radio and Print media including newspapers and magazines that were propagating news and ideas to the masses, that started to expand, encompassing the whole world. Entering into Twenty first century, we saw the introduction of Internet which made communication easier for people living distant around the world just like strolling in the park, greeting your faraway neighbors. Multimedia communication gave the concept of Globalization a whole new meaning. Skype and WhatsApp made video conferencing possible. You can talk to someone living thousands of miles away, as if you are sitting in the same room. People belonging to different cultures and regions can now talk to each other and communicate their perspectives. Mass media is making the world a global village.


It was considered a matter of pride and prestige to be able to study abroad in a prestigious institute. Only few could afford such extravagant education that others could only dream of. Well, not anymore! Advent of technology in the field of mass media has made it possible to attain education online from any prestigious institute of your choice that is offering online courses and degrees. People living in remote areas, where educational institutes are scarce to nil can now fulfill their dream of getting education through distance learning programs. Advent of media in the field of education has provide benefit to global population as a whole to improve literacy. The communication of people and students from different regions and cultures truly manifest globalization.


Local brands are crossing the barrier to become an international one. Face of trade and commerce will never be same again. TV and Radio has their limits but social media knows none. Online buying and selling is the biggest reality of today’s market and anyone, not having a stake in it, is considerably at loss. Mass media campaigns once circled on TV channels only, are now gracing your laptop, PC and mobile’s screens and the scope of advertising they are enjoying was not possible 40 years ago.

Mass media influenced Globalization in a various ways and changed the face of communication and other aspects of our life for good.

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