The Job Interview – 5 Steps to Success

By | February 25, 2017

Job Interview: 5 Tips on How to Pass the Interview

Job Interview

A job interview is a standard part of the selection process to hire new people to any company. Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to get the invitation to the interview, because there are a lot of candidates that suit this job according to their CVs. If you have got a phone call about invitation to the interview, you may feel glad, but also fear because of the responsibility. You should keep in your memory that the first seconds of the interview will mean a lot. The interviewer will get a lot of information about you during first seconds, that’s why you should be prepared and calm to make the positive impression. Follow our advice and get the job of your dream!

Go Ahead and Be a Star at your Job Interview!

  1. Prepare yourself beforehand

Before the interview, try to find as much information about the company as possible. recommends you use their website or social networks for your research. After this, you will have a complete picture about the company. Apart from this, such information may be helpful for you when answering recruiter’s questions (they will see you already know about their company, and this is a big plus) and asking your own questions about the company (your interest in the company is a plus too).

  1. Precision is quite important

Try to come for the interview a few minutes early. Though, you shouldn’t come too early because this may put the interviewer into stress. Don’t be late because this will characterize you as an irresponsible person. After being late, you definitely will make the negative impression. Be punctual!

  1. Be well-dressed and nice

Wear suitable clothing to make the positive impression from the first seconds. Avoid trainers, jeans and sports outfit. Smile while saying the greeting and never start the conversation with complaints (bad weather outside, your bus was late, you hardly found the way, etc.). Do not ruin your chances from the very beginning! Try to be calm and smiley.

  1. Keep an eye contact during the talk

Your communication with the interviewer is a very important factor of your success. Try to maintain an eye contact with the recruiter. The interviewer can read a lot from non-verbal signals, especially when you try to hide something or lie. Try to not put your hands in front of the mouth and don’t touch your nose. When it goes to shaking hands, train the optimal squeeze.

  1. Be curious about the company

At the end of the talking, the interviewer will give you an opportunity to ask your questions. It’s a bad sign if you didn’t ask any questions; the recruiter may think you have no interest in getting this job. Try to prepare a few questions before the interview when you are making research about the company.

We hope you will pass the interview successfully and get the job of your dream. But even if you got a bad luck, don’t give up, you have a lot of opportunities still, and the more interviews you pass the more experience you get!

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