How to make millions with no education

By | November 24, 2016

How to become rich without education

Making millions of dollars without a formal education is not easy feat, but, by no means is it impossible. In fact, some of the world’s most successful, strongest billionaires were themselves dropouts. What many of them have in common that’s even more interesting is the amount which dropped out of Harvard University, one of the country’s most prestigious, well reputed, and successful IV league universities. Big names and founders of major, billion-dollar companies such as Bill Gates of Microsoft, Steve Jobs of Apple, and Facebook’s well-known Mark Zuckerberg are perfect examples just to name a few.

how to become rich without education

So you might be asking yourself, what do I have to do? Well, while there’s no simple one solution or path to follow, as technology has evolved thus have the opportunities to expand and make major headway in becoming a self-made million or billionaire. Along with social networking, the internet serves as a superhighway for fresh ideas, innovations, and collaborate projections that could easily earn you into the millions or more. But what are other, common, and more popular paths to take?
If you’re serious about it and willing to put in the hard work, familiarizing yourself with a major computer programming language such as JAVA, C, C#, or C++ could easily open you up to an entirely new world of both PC and mobile apps that can be used across the board of mobile devices. Some of the most profitable apps you’ll find on today’s Android or Apple Store market were made by just regular people like you, those working 9-5 jobs, the unemployed, and even retirees. There is no discrimination in this path, all it requires is lots of hard work, dedication, and a wide imagination for innovation. Study, research, and find something people want or need, and don’t yet have. From there, learn how to and develop your app! Self-teaching is dramatically more practical and profitable than it was 10 or 20 years ago.
While it’s true investing money in places such as real estate, commodities or stocks can be profitable, not everyone has the necessary start-up funds to do so. Therefore, while this is a viable approach, some might find it much more practical (and again profitable) to come up with a service online and/or offline that people need, and run with their idea while picking up any necessary interested investors and professionals along the way! The popular website FIVERR is a prime example of how such an idea can come to life, but the internet also elegantly illustrates the reality that there’s always room for innovations, change, and new ideas which can be successful. One of the most respectable opinions of the most successful million and billionaires in the world to take away from all of this? Never, under any circumstances give up.

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