Managing the After-School Work and the Homework

By | July 19, 2017

For some students, real life comes knocking on their door much earlier than it is the case with the rest of their peers, because they have to balance an after school job and their school responsibilities. In 2008 around 24% of high school students age 16 or older were employed. Some of them study away from their homes and that is the only way they can support themselves. Others want to gain some work experience and a number of studies have shown that the after-school work has a positive effect on future labour market outcomes. There are also those who just want to earn some extra money and spend it on whatever they like, instead of having to ask their parents for permission. Finally, there are those who are trying to save for college. Regardless of the motivation, there is one question that persistently pops up (usually asked by worried parents). That question is: “How do you intend to do your homework?“. While it is true that working more than 15 hours a week can have a negative effect on a student’s academic achievement, that is not the case if a student knows how to find the right balance (or at least finds a good homework solver).

Taking a Weekend Job

One good way to manage the after-school work and the homework is to take weekend jobs. That is how a student can make sure that a job will accommodate his/ her school schedule and will not interfere with the after- school extracurricular activities. In the similar vein, watching TV ( usually on the weekends) is not exactly a very productive academic activity and research has shown that having a job reduces students’ screen time.

Balancing the After-School job and the Homework

Instead of interfering with their school activities, holding an after- school job can actually help students to better prioritize their responsibilities. All it takes is to get a daily planner and start planning in advance. It’s important to find a slot for leisure but also to use a free time wisely in order to complete homework and other school assignments- even during a commute. It’s equally important not to take on too many responsibilities- no more than 10-15 hours a week should be spent working.

Getting Online Work

This is the best option for those who have troubles finding transportation to and from work. There are a lot of sites to find work as a freelancer (UpWork being the most popular) and there are a number of benefits attached to freelancing. For one thing, it allows a student to earn some money while taking on projects related to his/ her studies, thus learning something new in the process. This kind of work also teaches a student responsibility and time management, but it has one downside- a lack of direct contact with other people. However, unlike traditional jobs, freelancing allows for more flexibility and that is what students are looking for.

Parents generally believe that their children should focus on their school responsibilities instead of working during their studies. Contrary to this prevailing opinion, there are indications that holding an after-school job can actually help a student to make an easier transition into adulthood, by teaching him/ her responsibility. While it is true that working during studies can negatively affect a student’s academic performance, this is not the case for those who know how to manage their time. After all, there is always an option to get some homework help online, at least initially, while a student is still learning the ropes of how to balance work and school.

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