How to get Online BBA degree for free

By | April 24, 2016

With most programs on the internet when it comes to “free”, course materials and participation come at no-cost, with universities such as Carnegie Mellon, and other popular institutions offering “Warez” certification or full course access, such as (MIT) OpenCourseWare.

However, these course or certification opportunities often do not provide student feedback, official registration, or transcripts/certifications at the end of the course.
Although there are a handful of online “universities” and BBA to MBA programs identified as “Free”, most of them do not come with any credits, but those that do charge—say for only registration and a certificate—might be found to actually be quite affordable and in the less than $5,000 range.

Pebble Hills University, however, is one option for obtaining a BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration) at a very affordable price – which is located out in Delaware. Pebble Hills actually accepts students from anywhere in the globe. Admission requirements do however, include the criteria for having at least a High School diploma and a few other “core” requirements found listed on their site and academic page.

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