Is an Online Graphic Design Degree Worth it or Worthless?

By | September 7, 2017

Graphic design is a popular choice for the tech-savvy and artistic, alike. With myriad applications such as artistic direction for projects, book and movie imagery design, website construction and more, graphic design is a field where almost anyone with an interest can find their perfection professional application.

Should You Invest in a Formal Graphic Design Education?

Many people who are interested in the field of graphic design would argue that to secure employment, you don’t actually have to have a degree. While this is inarguably true, there are certainly benefits to be found in formal education. Additionally, those that would contend that the degree program is not worth the necessary expense and investment of time required would be hard pressed to argue against the convenience of modern options like online learning.

Today, there are many excellent schools – both public and private – that offer online graphic design degrees. With the need for flexibility inherent to the modern student, online education has soared in popularity, and the resulting boom in opportunities available to students has increased the number of college-going adults in America and worldwide. Graphic design is a solid choice for these students, as computer-based learning lends itself well to a degree in the art and science of website construction and design.

What are some other reasons modern students are choosing this course of study? Let’s look at some of the benefits of a degree in this field, and why so many students are eager to make a career out of graphic design and website creation.

  1. The eligibility for more jobs. More education means more job opportunities. This is true in any field, but in an area where it is often hard to demonstrate your unique qualifications, being able to show that you are formally educated in your field will help secure more and better-quality assignments.
  2. The potential for increased earnings. It’s been shown that employers are willing to pay more for the work of highly-trained individuals. When graphic design is helping to bring a project together, you can ask more for your services when you have the education to back up your skill set.
  3. Standing out among your competition. Anyone can learn graphic design, but having proof of your expertise will set you apart from your competition, making your services the obvious choice for clients.
  4. Developing valuable skills and an impressive work portfolio under expert direction. Unlike working your way up the ladder on your own, formally educated designers have the opportunity to work under masters in their craft, and curate a fantastic collection of their own work under the direction of these experts to provide prime examples of their skill to potential clients.

The Conclusion? Design Degrees are More than Worth It – They’re Priceless

Even though career opportunities do exist for those with a talent for website design that aren’t formally educated, the choice to obtain a degree is one that will pay huge dividends to those who invest their time and resources into doing so. Given the flexibility now available to students in securing online graphic design degrees, the answer is even clearer; there’s no reason not to move forward with your education, and open the doors for yourself that higher education unlocks.

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