Using Arguments in Academic Writing

Arguments are an important or in fact the most important part of any academic writing. It is up to you to write and craft arguments and they make up a very important part of your assignment. It is with these arguments that you present your evidence and hen use it to further make your way… Read More »

8 Effective Essay Writing Strategies You Need To Know

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How to Find Inspiration and Finish Your Capstone Paper

Writing a capstone paper may seem like an overwhelming task but it need not be. You can produce a great paper with some guidance and information. First of all, calm down, breathe and then start. Sometimes, you have all the will to do it but you are lacking in inspiration. Here are some guidelines for… Read More »

Nailing Your First Week at a New Job

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The Job Interview – 5 Steps to Success

Job Interview: 5 Tips on How to Pass the Interview A job interview is a standard part of the selection process to hire new people to any company. Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to get the invitation to the interview, because there are a lot of candidates that suit this job according to their CVs. If… Read More »

10 Things You Should Avoid in Your Resume or CV

Usually with every job application you are required to submit your resume and application letter. These are important to tell the recruiter or employer more about you. This will give a clear idea about your qualifications and experience. It is important to let your resume reflect all your achievements. The goal of a good resume… Read More »

Getting a job using your second language

Knowing other languages ​​in a world that, thanks to globalization, has forced people to be bilingual and almost makes them forget their mother tongue, definitely comes in handy when looking for a new job. Numbers do not lie, today, nearly 60% of job offers require the candidate to master a second language. English and German… Read More »

Internships: Is It Actually Necessary to Apply for One?

For a student, getting started in the professional world is definitely a challenge. Not only because they must face a mass of new talent who wish that with their knowledge and abilities will be able to find their ideal job, but, additionally, employers also need to consider the experience that the student has. This is… Read More »