Best degree for working from home

What’s the best “at-home” Degree Program for You? In today’s bustling world of technology, online education, and hybrid learning, the limits continue to extend far more than many academic experts and politics ever anticipated. With online, regionally accredited institutions such as American Public University, Grand Canyon University, and likewise state schools participating in online degrees,… Read More »

Accelerated degree programs in Australia

Australian students, alumni, and prospective students consider accelerated degree programs across Australia for various benefits. For starters, finishing school earlier and getting directly out into “the field” is very beneficial with regards to both salary (pay), as well as practical, hands-on experience in their specialty area. Additionally, just like in the United States and other… Read More »

Best Logistics degree programs in Virginia

For those seeking an education in Logistics, it’s worth considering the various dynamics and levels of knowledge or qualifications involved with each stage of education – via a specific degree program, such as associates, bachelors, or graduate (masters) level education. In essence, the purpose and definition of a logistics degree program is to enable an… Read More »

Best degree programs for employment 2017-2018

Some of the most appealing and profitable degree programs and careers for 2016 are based around engineering. As a matter of fact, Biomedical and Aerospace engineering came in at the top as most desirable – as well as most generously paid salaries in comparison to other in-demand careers. These engineering degrees, including chemical engineering, have… Read More »

Pre-med student volunteer opportunities in US and abroad

At Home Pre-Med students have a lengthy list of various qualifications, academic, and workforce based experience requirements and criteria that are built-in to a medical degree. For example, for starters in order to obtain nearly any type of medical degree, be it Pediatrics or Psychiatry, all medical-students are required to obtain the same M.D. (although… Read More »

How to get Online BBA degree for free

With most programs on the internet when it comes to “free”, course materials and participation come at no-cost, with universities such as Carnegie Mellon, and other popular institutions offering “Warez” certification or full course access, such as (MIT) OpenCourseWare. However, these course or certification opportunities often do not provide student feedback, official registration, or transcripts/certifications… Read More »