Pre-med student volunteer opportunities in US and abroad

By | April 29, 2016

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Pre-Med students have a lengthy list of various qualifications, academic, and workforce based experience requirements and criteria that are built-in to a medical degree. For example, for starters in order to obtain nearly any type of medical degree, be it Pediatrics or Psychiatry, all medical-students are required to obtain the same M.D. (although not major, minor, or concentration). Likewise, all M.D. students are required to pursue and complete a co-op, internship, and/or “volunteer” experience to be eligible to take the final boards and in turn receive their medical degree.
There are a multitude of hospitals and other medical establishments or environments local to most medical schools that either already have a contract with them for enrolling interns or co-ops OR are more than willing to take on medical-students and pre-med students from the local university, into their company or health institution—often in exchange for viable, much required academic credits for graduation and recognition of their medical degree. Even more importantly, both pre-med and medical students are best advised to acquire as much hands-on experience in their medical field as possible—up to 2,000 hours for a graduate level education, let alone a doctorate level.


Pre-med students really looking to ‘spice up’ their applications to medical school and increase their overall chances (and competitiveness) of success should consider and research the various traveling, studying, and working (often volunteering) abroad opportunities with various international universities around the world—as well as those universities in which already have a positive relationship, and/or opportunity for studying or interning abroad directly through their own university.
Individuals that travel abroad, especially pre-med and medical students, really strengthen their overall resume, and total experience when it comes to creating a unique persona, or personality—and of course, professional as well as scholarly profile for admissions or hiring purposes for various institutions of learning and prospective future employers.

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