Is pre nursing a degree? a major? Is pre nursing the same as nursing?

By | April 27, 2016

A Pre-Nursing Degree A.A. (Associate’s Degree) is not all that common, and many prospective as well as current students and professionals are unaware that such a degree exists. When in fact however, typically the first two year completed in community college or a four year program for Nursing, could in of itself be classified as an APN degree or studies.


The interesting dynamic to an APN, is it’s not truly that much different than an A.A. in Nursing, or first two years of a BSN. In fact, many will already overcome the first three years of studies, out of a four year program, by completing an official APN program and degree in turn meeting the requirements and finding themselves ‘sliding’ right into their Junior year of a B.S. in Nursing–post-APN program.
An APN, much like a general AA in Nursing, or the first two years of (often community) college, covers the core concepts and courses based around science, mathematics, chemistry, anatomy, and a little bit of psychology and sociology—presumably to strength emotional understanding, support, standards, and capabilities in future medical professionals.

Some individuals will elect to pursue specifically an APN program, as opposed to a liberal studies degree or general degree for the first two years, specifically because they already know that this is what they want and that it’s a requirement for their career-path.

Is pre nursing the same as nursing?

Pre-Nursing is not the same as nursing in the sense that Nursing is typically a degree pursued at the Bachelors, Graduate, and Doctorate level, not Associates. Pre-Nursing, per classification, is indeed a major, and is sometimes accompanied by a basic, core-level area of the sciences as a minor as well as major. However, it’s much less common to see majors, minors, or even concentrations when it comes to the first two years of college, or an A.A. That is, as for many people this is their first college experience and commitment, and most stay in the area of just general studies, feeling out the courses, sciences, their weaknesses, strengths, and perhaps aspirations during this period.
An APN (Associates in Pre-Nursing) is the “same” as a Nursing degree in the sense that it’s covering the same areas as a typical 4-year Nursing program, or core requirements, but yet carries a different (major) name.

Those that pursue an APN successfully will further expose themselves to the various levels of a Nursing degree, the sciences, and overall academic demands involved and can then perhaps make a more precise, responsible decision as to how they’re going to pursue a B.S. (Bachelors of Science) in Nursing following the completion of this degree.

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