PTE Mock Exam: All you need to know

By | September 18, 2018

The industry standard test portal, PTE mock exam has been developed to help the aspirants of PTE Academic. From actual PTE Academic test exam, aspirants can get real experience. The test designed portal involves well-measured sections of reading, listening, speaking and writing. It is conducted by native/non-native English speakers who want to pursue their studies abroad.
pte academic practice exam
Hence, the PTE mock test also provides a free score card for each and every test. It is a very good opportunity for struggling aspirants who can get a chance for a better score. PTE Real Practice tests are completely three-hour computer-based mock tests. They help in improving the time management skills and build realistic expectations through the performance of aspirants.

Unique Features

PTE mock exams include various features which are very unique and can help to make leaders in different industries.

A proper environment of a real-time test

From the test environment, aspirants can accustom to face difficulties in the main exam.

Very fast and authentic score card

Aspirants can get authentic score card within twenty-four hours of attempting the mock tests.

Authentic Mock Tests

In-house trainers conduct the exams and draw up exam related question papers.

Quick-witted material

Talented trainers prepare useful content after inspection of attempted questions.

Difficulty Modes in several parts

In order to help in preparing for the main exam, several parts of difficulty modes have been created.


Aspirants can get access to the mock tests from everywhere with the help of a strong connectivity of the Internet.

how to prepare for pte exam

The format of PTE Test

In order to finish a PTE Academic test, we need to get a test center where we can use a computer and headset to read, listen and respond to questions. This three-hour test has been divided into three main parts such as listening, speaking and writing in together and reading. The format is like twenty different questions, starting from multiple choice questions to essay writing and interpretation.

Step1: Speaking and writing (together)
It takes around 93 minutes which includes the following stages:

  • Introduction of aspirants
  • Read loudly
  • Repetition of sentence
  • Image description
  • Re-read Lecture
  • Summary of text
  • Essay

Step 2: Reading

  • It takes around 40 minutes of time to complete this step.
  • Select the single answer from multiple choice questions.
  • Select multiple answer from multiple choice questions
  • Paragraph re-arrange
  • Read and write fill in the gaps

Step 3: Listening attentively

  • Summarize and read the text
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Fill in the gaps
  • Mark the correct summary
  • Find out the missing word
  • Mark incorrect words
  • Take a note from the dictation

PTE exam preparation tips

Preparation for PTE Academic test

In order to achieve, we need to start with the basics and always have to know the competitor before creating new strategies. The format of the PTE Academic Test is available on the official website where we get useful materials or suggestions.

  • In this test process, hard work is necessary. Even for a person who has a very good command over the English language, to do a good score might require deliberate efforts.
  • We need to be very sincere with the materials and preparation.
  • Inter-dependent skills and rigorous preparation is required.
  • We need turn to account our strengths on our weakness.
  • Time management skills and a focused mind are much needed.

Candidates give compliments on PTE mock exams as it helps in improving scores to provide revision sessions for willing students. It is one of the most useful and best mock tests in recent days as per aspirants’ comment. It gives a wonderful experience for aspirants by conducting live tests. It helps students to improve the areas where students need to improve more.

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