Pune – Best Educational City in India

By | June 16, 2017

Pune – Best Educational City in India

Indian Education System has evolved a lot in few years. With more than 7 lakhs+ schools and 300 million enrollments every year, India has one of the largest education system in the world. Its education system has made significant progress. Recently in metro cities like various education schemes was launched by government. In Delhi  free education was provided to students in  govt. schools, Cycles for transportation in Punjab, Beti Padhao Beti Bachao Yojna etc.

Its private sector is also contributing in changing the educational system. Modern facilities and latest technologies like smart classes, smart labs, research labs, incubation center etc. Thats why it is the Best Educational City In India.

Why Pune ?

Pune or Poona is considered to be the best educational hub for students. During the 19th century, with the rise of British Raj, Pune city was given a title as “the Oxford of the East”.

Education in Pune, or Poona as the city was called before independence from British rule, has its roots in the early phase of the 19th century. With the fall of the Marathas in the year 1818 and establishment of the British Raj, Pune was known as ‘the Oxford of the East’. At that time Pune was known for its higher education and which is still true in 21st century.

Pune is chosen destination for higher education and research centers. Public, government aided and private higher education institutes dot the city of Pune, making it the Indian city with the maximum number of learning centers.

Still Thinking Why Pune is the Most Educated City ?

Well Pune’s environment is totally different. From the primary school to higher school and then to graduation the level of study and effort of students is tremendous. If we talk about its base i.e. Primary School and Higher Secondary School Pune itself has 52 renowned schools.

Here is the list of top 5 schools in Pune:

  1. Lexicon International School
    Lexicon International School is very well known for its education, management, faculty and facilities which they provide to students. This is one of the best CBSE schools in Pune.
    Lexicon International School has franchise all over Pune which makes it more suitable to parents as transportation is easily accessible. The school offers classes from Kindergarten till Class VII with plans of going up to Class X in the near future.
  2. Air Force School
    The Air Force school is registered with the Indian Air Force Educational and Cultural Society as a “No Grants-in -aid” English medium school. It has student strength of over 1300 students and provides education facilities like facilities like Educomp Smart Classes, Computer Labs, Montessori Equipment, Video lectures for better understandings.
  3. The Heritage School
    Established in association with Pearsons schools in 2005. The school is co-educational school starting from nursery to higher streams. It is filled with all modern amenities like laboratories, AV room and is very spacious. Cultural Activities is highly focused which enhances students stage presence and removes stage fear.
  4. Global Indian International School
    It is one of the best school with 21 campuses in 7 countries.It has received many International and National Awards for excellence in school education. Apart from its Modern educational facilities school is also equipped with swimming pool, gymnasium , music rooms, dance rooms etc. For students who are far away from home, they have hostel facility too.
  5. Bishops School
    The School is equipped with large buildings consisting of 75 well-ventilated Classrooms, 3 Science laboratories, 2 Assembly Halls, 2 Libraries and a Dining Room which seats about 250 children.The school is starting from LKG to 12th class with hostel facility. School serves both boarding as well as day students. It was founded in 1864 and is the one of the oldest schools in Pune.

So the list of top 5 Schools in Pune and similarly there are Engineering and other deemed colleges and universities which makes Pune the best educational city in India.

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