Ready to Conquer College? Ace those Entrance Exams Now

By | July 20, 2017

Whether you’re planning to study in a state university, a private institution, or an international school in the Philippines, college entrance exams require efforts for one to ace them. But no – you don’t have to wear yourself out, just a few easy steps and you’ll definitely be able to set your foot in your dream institution!

1. Set Yourself a Goal

Setting yourself a goal before diving into test preparations is the best way to start. Estimate the time you should be reviewing for the exam, maybe three months or so, and remind yourself why you wanted to pass, maybe because you want to honor your parent’s hard work or you want to start turning your dreams into reality – all those help make reviewing much easier and planned out.

2. Make a reviewing strategy that you will use for the following months

Of course, before you start off reading books and review manuals, it’s best to strategize, else things may go out of hand along the way. Perhaps you can enroll in a reviewing center which offers short classes in a longer period of time, preferably months, as you will still be attending school during the day. Furthermore, a longer period of reviewing allows you to absorb the lessons and understand the methods and formulas better.

3. Make use of motivational instruments

Reviewing may come off as a struggle at times – because it’s not every day that you are in the mood to absorb particular lessons especially when you’ve already had enough at school during the day. To cope with such, you may use uplifting songs to keep you motivated or concentration music to keep you focused, whatever floats your boat. You can also try talking to your friends or family whenever you’re feeling down about the review to let out the negativities that may burden you during the exam.

4. Practice healthy habits

A few factors that may hinder you from reviewing is not getting enough sleep or lacking nutrients that slows down your brain process hence, not being able to absorb the lessons you’re trying to study. In such case, it’s important to note that improper diet and unhealthy habits can deeply affect your routine. So try to get some sleep, at least 7-8 hours, and eat healthy to boost your brain power and keep you going throughout the day.

5. Avoid bringing pressure to yourself

Most often, students feel out of control regardless of having reviewed everything because of pressure. Pressure makes one feel down, hence avoid doing so. Help yourself out and avoid letting in negative comments get into you as this will only ruin everything you’ve done in preparation to the exam. Always trust in God and in yourself – because you can ace that exam. Have faith.

Key Takeaway

The gist of this article is that – acing an exam does not only revolve around books and review manuals. Always remember that you also need to keep your mind, your soul, and your body in shape in order to absorb all those lessons and get into that institution that you’ve been dreaming of.

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